Download Blaze DVD to iPad Converter

Blaze DVD to iPad Converter is an extraction tool that allows you to turn your movies stored on DVD in MP4 files optimized for play on your iPad. So, you can take several videos to watch during a trip, for example, and still have the mobility of a tablet.

While preparing the files for playing on iPads specifically, Blaze DVD to iPad Converter creates videos that can be run on any device that can play MP4. What it actually does is to adapt the size of the movie frame for the tablet’s screen, providing a more enjoyable experience when watching.


To use the app, just choose the DVD drive of your computer in the “1” and determine the location to save the file in the “2”. If your tablet is plugged into the PC, you can send the video directly to your device with this option.

Then you have some options for action, such as extracting the entire disc, only main movie or customize the procedure. That is, you can separate chapters of the film with this alternative.

Finally, you can also choose the desired audio, as well as the caption and finally tap “Start” to begin the extraction.

Download Blaze DVD to iPad Converter