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The Adobe After Effects CC , as well as Adobe Photoshop will give you tools to edit and create special effects to your clips like you never imagined. The program, launched for Windows and Mac , allows you to create or edit videos with special effects, such as science fiction movies. So, this tool is what you’re looking for!

Adobe After Effects CC * is an application for creating graphics and visual effects in motion. The program is a video utility that allows users to add special effects to your video clips and effects in order to achieve a professional result and can make the impossible possible, through its numerous features that allow you to edit in post production of images not -linear.

Unlike other systems that act by track, Adobe After Effects CC works with layers in the timeline, where each layer has its own time line of work. Thus, it is possible to work with a separate track, the “raw” mode, so you can keep adding the effects gradually.

Adobe After Effects comes with tools that are very similar to what you might find in Photoshop, such as Rotobrush, with which you can mark silhouettes in order to place them wherever you want, without the need to use a screen Chrome . You can also share jobs directly from within the application, synchronize settings on machines, and have access to new features when they are released.

The Pipeline Live 3D, Cinema 4D brings scenes in layers – without intermediate processing. With the feature, you add 3D objects and scenes using CINEMA 4D and images directly within After Effects CC without intermediate rendering multipass. Make changes easily with automatic updates between the applications.

Among the legal tools for creative and visual effects bring the program are: Refine Edge, Warp Stabilizer VFX, Pixel Motion Blur, an improved 3D camera tracker and CINEMA 4D Lite, which allows lead compounds C4D files into After Effects.

Like all applications that make up the Creative Cloud to use Adobe After Effects CC you need to access the service and log in with an Adobe ID, download and install the program and then run it.


Adobe After Effects CC is quite fast and intuitive, so it does not require that you have many windows open, saving space in memory, and does not consume a lot of your system resources. However, it may be a bit heavy as it incorporates many features.

Although the program’s interface is easy to interact with, you will find many tutorials to guide you through this software. Thus, Adobe After Effects is suitable for any type of user.

One of the key features that this program has is that it is compatible with different lots of free plugins, which also includes a list of recommended plugins that work perfectly with this tool.

One of the great advantages of the program, especially in relation to competitors is that it is compatible with other Adobe products. This feature makes all the difference, given the quality and quantity of products that the company produces.

Download Adobe After Effects

Download Adobe After Effects

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