Download NBTscan-Ipanto

The NBTscan-Ipanto is a small tool with a simple function, search for devices that use the NetBIOS protocol on a TCP / IP network. He searches for computers according to the passed parameters and returns a list with the machine name, MAC address, logged user and supported services. Parameter List: -h – display the help screen. -M

– Maximum amount of IPs to be scanned simultaneously (default is 32). -m
– Maximum number of repeated counts by IP (default is 1). -w
– Controls the automatic standby time in milliseconds when the buffer is full (0 to disable). -i
– Defines the minimum time interval between two requests. -t
– Downtime before considering a failure (default is 100 ms). -p
– Specify a port (to use port 137 for detecting systems with Windows 95/98). it
– Display format. -s
– Separator symbol. -H – human representation of the service. -V – print version.

– IP scale. It can be a single IP address (eg or a network address (eg

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