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AirStream is a program that can connect to your smartphone so you can access files from PC. Through it, you can view all folders from your computer on your device screen.

The integration process is very simple: just download the software on your machine and also download the app on your device. Then you need to make a shoestring register on your smartphone or tablet to enable synchronization.

Then log into the computer with the same record that you just created on your device program. Now just click “Refresh” to make the program find your computer and provide all your files. Importantly, the computer and smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi network

AirStream allows you to explore all of your computer files. Through it, you can view images and videos, and listen to music. AirStream has a native music player, but do not count on an option of the same gender for the videos.

Even so, you can view your videos with any player installed in your device. Have images are also open natively. For other documents, such as Word files, you can download them and open them with programs that support the.


AirStream is a great app for you to explore your documents and computer files. Through it, you can view the entire contents of the computer and mostly run your media files via streaming.

The most positive aspect of the program is its ability to play videos, photos and music via a WiFi network Therefore, all the content stored on your computer can be watched on your smartphone or tablet without the need for physical transfer.

To listen to music and view photos, simply use the native capabilities of viewing and playback. Have to watch videos, you must use a player of the device itself. However, any smartphone or tablet has some kind of program of its kind, so no need to worry about it.

Easy to connect
AirStream is incredibly easy to connect. You need to have the program in both the PC and the smartphone and simply create an account simply to enable the feature. Since it uses the same WiFi network, the process is fairly uncomplicated.

Explore your files is also very easy. Navigation is done by sliding the screen, ie, each folder opens, a new column appears on the screen so you can navigate with much more simplicity. It’s a great way to quickly find what you need.

Excellent transmission of files
The transmission of the content will largely depend on the quality of your WiFi connection In our tests, files transferred successfully in all attempts. Tested photos, music and videos, and no problem was found.

Also did download a Word file. He needed a specific program to open (like Quick Office), but played his role very well. At this point, there is nothing to complain of AirStream.

The most perfect scenario that can dazzle with AirStream is playing videos. Imagine you have a dozen videos and series on your computer and want to see it on your tablet. Simply connect the devices via AirStream and play with confidence and comfort.

Some limitations and problems
However, the program presented instabilities. At certain times during testing, it just stopped working and closed, forcing us to open and browse the contents all over again.

Another problem was found when sharing with Facebook. The program simply not allowed to send any type of file a bug and still made it close, leaving us in hand once more.

AirStream has another limitation: it is not possible to download videos, music and photos. These options are only available for files that may not be reproduced, ie all others. Unfortunately it is a great against the program.

However, the sum of advantages and disadvantages, AirStream get along. The program is simple and incredible and provides unprecedented ease for you. The convenience is great because of great practicality and usefulness of this application.

Download AirStream

Download AirStream

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