Download SummarizeThis Extension For Google Chrome

SummarizeThis online and is a free tool developed by U.S. company Iris Reading, specializing in solutions and techniques of speed reading.

The tool – which can be accessed as an extension for Google Chrome – can create brief summaries of lengthy texts, automatically selecting the most important parts of an article and creating a quick summary of all the really relevant information.

Basically, SummarizeThis is a utility aimed for those who have the need to read a bunch of complex texts in a small space of time, so is perfect for college students, for example. Simply access the application, paste the written document that you want to summarize in the specified field and click the “Summarize” button.


The idea is undeniably good SummarizeThis: cast the first stone who never became desperate to see tons of items that needed to be read in a very short time. However, such “smart algorithm” which Iris Reading is so much propaganda just does not work. In most cases, the summaries created by the program are nothing more than the junction of the first and last paragraph of the article you submitted, which definitely can not be considered a truly reliable summary.

When we tested the utility with texts in Portuguese, this accuracy dropped further. Since it was developed with a focus on English language, the SummarizeThis is practically useless for Brazilian users. If you want to practice speed reading and become more productive, more worthwhile test the Speed ​​Reader Enhanced , which is also completely free.

SummarizeThis Extension For Google Chrome

SummarizeThis Extension For Google Chrome