Download Airy Memory Cleaner For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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Airy Memory Cleaner is a program for Windows that performs the optimization of RAM. What the program does is reallocate addresses of empty memory avoiding wasteful consumption of RAM for other programs. Airy Memory Cleaner can alone enable the optimization of memory, when you get 90% of your usage, or press the “Optimize Memory Now” button.

The Airy Memory Cleaner program has a very direct interface where the user viewing charts with current consumption of memory and CPU. Alongside the graphics is the button optimization. You can also schedule an optimization from time to time for the program to perform the process alone.

As the Airy Memory Cleaner works

Every operating system and computer programs are loaded through the RAM. When the computer’s operating system does not find more addresses available in RAM, it temporarily then it allocates addresses in the much slower hard drive. This process is called the swap cache and your file is called the Swap File.

The Airy function Memory Cleaner is leaving the addresses of empty memory always “clean” for the system to recognize them as open spaces and programs allocate these addresses, so as to avoid the use of the hard drive and use the swap file on the HD.

Whenever a new program is started, the Airy Memory Cleaner will scan the program. The user can monitor the performance of the program through the graphics on “System Performance” tab. In the “Statics” tab, you can monitor the consumption of RAM along day. With this tab, you can identify bottlenecks and moments where the computer gets loaded all processes leaving the PC a bit slow.


There are numerous tools on the market to optimize the Windows computer. The Airy Memory Cleaner is one of the few that involve defragmenting RAM. This process is performed to clear the memory address after the program that used them have already been closed. Generally some programs leave traces of their presence so that they can be started quickly.

This process is important to let the computer RAM always clean and ready for use. However, newer versions of Windows as the eighth, have their own memory managers, and run a lot of applications and programs simultaneously, which can make use of the Airy Memory Cleaner somewhat irrelevant. Its use is most appropriate for earlier versions of the system such as Windows XP, Vista and 7.

A positive point of the Airy Memory Cleaner, and system optimization, is the graph for analysis of memory usage. With it, you can monitor the consumption of RAM and put together a history for that day. On computers that tend to get slow at certain times, such analysis is ideal to verify that is not the fault of any program or process that is consuming memory unnecessarily.

A point against Airy Memory Cleaner is that it only offers you seven days to test the program, after that you must pay. The Airy Memory Cleaner is also all in English which makes it difficult to understand for those who have a good command of language. Although it is free only for testing for seven days, the Airy Memory Cleaner worth downloading, especially for those who want to analyze the performance of your RAM to the smallest detail.

Download Airy Memory Cleaner For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Download Airy Memory Cleaner

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