Download Recuva For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

The Recuva  is one of the best programs to recover files that were accidentally deleted in Windows . It scans the computer hard drives in search of traces of data that can be restored and used again. Download free Recuva is essential to recover deleted files!

The recovery is not restricted to the hard drive. Files saved in gadgets can also be redeemed. With the software, the chances of recovering a document stored on a flash drive greatly increase. The same goes for deleted photos from a digital camera and removed songs from an iPod or any other MP3 player, including the metadata (such as artist name and album) song.

HD Formatted

The service even works with formatted hard drives. This is possible because most of the formatting processes, is to install a new operating system or just to vacate space, does not delete the data immediately. It is up to the program, so bring these supposedly deleted files back.


The integration of the free tool with email clients ensures that electronic messages also pass through the scan that she does on the computer. It works perfectly with  Mozilla Thunderbird  and , for example.

Delete files

The main function of the application is to find deleted files that can be rescued. However, it also provides a tool for safe and complete removal of them. It is noteworthy that neither the app can retrieve the files that he helped “destroy.” See how to install and use Recuva to recover your files .

Search Archives

The user can get a common quest, searching for files or directories more likely to check the “Enable Deep Scan” option to do a thorough search on the PC. The option is a long scan on your machine, looking for lost files.

Again, you can do a search by folder, looking for files by type (image, text document, etc.) or a direct search without filters. If the search is for a specific file, the trick is to put the filter. Otherwise, probably the results will come in a huge list, which can make it difficult to find what you want.

Upon finding the missing documents, just mark them, click “Recover” and give a destination for them. Before recovering a file to see whether it is really desired, select “Switch to Advanced Mode” option.

Recuva Portable

Pidgin Portable is the mobile version of Recuva. It requires no installation and fits on a USB stick. Thus, the user can retrieve files wherever you are, even without an internet connection.

Enjoy downloading free right now and Recuva recovers files or data that you have unintentionally deleted from your computer! The download of the program is fast and very efficient!


Download Recuva