Download Audio Sidekicks For Pc (Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8)


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When you have an audio on your computer, you like to customize it and leave it exactly your way? Unfortunately to do everything that can be done with an audio, several different programs, each performing a specific function to be able leave your music the way you want are needed.

But if you use the Audio Sidekicks , a lot can be done in a single program. It is a suite with many features. You can listen to your music through a unique player, rip your CDs, convert the format of the songs, edit ID tag and transform simple text into audio files. Everything without complication.

Each of these utilities can be easily customized within its own window and can also be switched between each other without complication. When one of them is open, simply click the “Menu” button at the top of the interface and the toolbar is open for you to choose what you want to do with your audio at that point.

Audio Player

A touch of music is presented on your screen when you choose this option. And it’s not a simple player, no. It is packed with features for you to personalize the music the way you like. You can apply effects, change the tempo of the audio (make it slower or faster), among many other possibilities.

You create a playlist with your favorite songs and change each one individually. So all the songs gain a different way, just yours. Like the changes? Save the playlist and listen whenever you want. The songs do not lose customization and you get a way only your listening to your favorite songs.

CD Ripper

In this option, you have the ability to rip all your CDs. Hence, you can make backup copies of your favorite albums or play songs from their albums to listen to on your MP3 player. It is very easy to use and you only need a few clicks to choose how you want your music to be saved.

You choose the room where your CD is (in this case, the driver of your computer), the desired format for the file, the file extension, among other information. Then just select “Rip Selected Tracks” (if you want to copy specific songs) the “Rip All Tracks” (to copy the entire CD).

Format Converter

Your player does not play a specific format? Need your audio is in MP3 format to play in the car and he is not? Convert one or more songs by this option. Much easier than other converters, you can even change the shape of several songs at once, without the slightest difficulty.

Simply click the “Add song …” button (to add songs individually) or “Add Folder” (to insert an entire folder), choose the format you want (WAV, MP3, MP2, WMA or OGG), set the frequency channel bits and decide which songs should be played after the conversion and click “Start automation”.

ID Tag Editor

This label editor, you can have fun changing the information about particular audio you have on your computer. Clicking on “File” and seeking the music inside your computer, the system itself will already fetch the data from that song. If you are the way you like, no need to change anything.

But if everything is wrong, you can change the name of the artist, the year the song was recorded, the track number within the album, song title, genre, album in which she finds herself and copyright. Oh, if you want, you can also use an image to identify music, as the album cover.

Text 2 Audio

Do you have an ebook and would love to read it, but do not have time? How about hear it through your mobile player or car, for example? Simply turn your plain text into audio. And this option, it is perfectly possible. You can even convert your notes to study college.

For this you just need to choose the text file or paste it in the field provided in the system interface. Choose the voice you want (unfortunately, only one voice is available), the audio format, the speed with which it will be read and then choose one of the options: you can only listen, pause, or stop the audio recording. All very easy.


The Audio Sidekicks is a very useful tool for anyone who is stirring in your audios and likes to customize them. She brings many features that can be applied in their songs, modifying them how you see fit. And the best: it is very simple and very easy to use.

You can listen to your favorite music, copy an entire CD to your computer, change the format of the songs, edit tags to better identify their files or turn your text into audio. Free advanced options, you can experience the resources without concern.


We can not say that the interface of the program is pretty or attractive. On the contrary. Green glaring contrast to the dark blue tire and may even a little seen. The layout can not be changed, since the system does not have additional skins to be switched. Thus, it is necessary to get used to it.

All software is kind of based on the old computer programs. Modernization to be very interesting, as well as the translation of the system to other languages, including Portuguese. Today, it is available only in English, but does not become a hindrance to those who understand the basics of the language.

But one of the coolest aspects of the interface is a toolbar, a small box that opens with a big button for each feature, nothing more. This may appeal to users who like to direct more layouts.

Download Audio Sidekicks For Pc

Download Audio Sidekicks For Pc

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