Download Music Player for Google Drive For Chorme


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Music Player for Google Drive is a complement to the  Chrome which, as the name suggests, allows you to play songs that are in your Google Drive .

So you can run the files directly from the service without the need to download the songs to your computer.

The supplement allows both listen to a specific song as create playlists as you want. Moreover, as the majority of applications for use in the browser, the program is extremely lightweight and can be used in more modest computers without any problems.

That player

If you like listening to music while using your computer must have missed two things: your player “pet” and your favorite songs. This can occur when you are not on your machine, and in those moments when you are at work, doing research in a public place or in college.

If you’ve gone through this situation, now have an alternative that can help you never face such problem: the Music Player for Google Drive. With it, you will perform your songs directly from your Google account Drive without the need to be with the files available on the machine.

However, it is worth remembering that you must agree with the permissions of the program access and be with the files already loaded into your account. He brings a simple interface, but with a great organization screen, allowing even beginners find no greater difficulty when using the application.

Let the sound roll

Once you already loaded with the player on the screen, just click “Add audio files from Google Drive” and select the desired files. Done so after a while they are loaded into the program screen and just use the “Play” button to start playback. To facilitate interaction with a song, the program displays its commands in the form of a bar, with some extra options beyond the basic controls.

Furthermore, the bar is also available for the implementation of audio, so you can monitor the playback of files. If you want, you can put together a playlist with the files loaded on the screen by clicking the “Create playlist” button. So just give it a name to complete the procedure.


Music Player for Google Drive offers an application for you to listen to your music stored in Google Drive directly in Chrome without the need to save the files on your computer. Thus, it can be a great tool for when you’re not on your main machine or even for anyone who is still searching for an audio player.

The program interface is very elegant, displaying the data in a simple, but bold. In addition, it also takes a good organization of the screen, ensuring that even beginners do not have any kind of difficulty in its operation. Another interesting point is that to load the items in the application it takes only two processes.

They involve one click option available and the location of the desired songs in your Google account Drive. The program already does automatic playback of all items added, following the sequence in which they were loaded. However, if desired, also there is like riding a playlist.

Moreover, the process of creating the playlist is easy, unlike what happens in some programs. The playback quality of the audio is good, being completely faithful to the original file. Likewise, no problem was identified for sound or any type of noise and interference in the background.

The program includes several controls for music playback as well as being very light. Thus, it does not harm to use the browser or the computer while it is in operation.

Download Music Player for Google Drive For Chorme

Download Music Player for Google Drive For Chorme

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