Download AutoCAD 360 For Windows 8.1

AutoCAD 360 is a tool that allows you to view DWG, DWF and DXF files in any device with Windows 8. Thus, you can create your documents, such as three-dimensional models and floor plans and can show to anyone without using a desktop PC powerful, but recommended to edits.

Another function may be very interesting for those who already have an Autodesk account. If you log onto the tool with these credentials or create an account when you can store your projects in the cloud and view them anywhere. Thus, it is not necessary or even transfer their designs to the tablet with a USB stick or memory card, since AutoCAD 360 makes all synchronization automatically.


After sign in AutoCAD 360, you are taken to your project area. Making a simple tap an item, it must be loaded on your tablet in view mode. Remember that you can not edit, but if your project has more than one layout, the app can show each.


AutoCAD 360 is an official Autodesk viewer so you can open files created in AutoCAD on any device with Windows 8 without the need for powerful hardware as required to make edits with the developer of three-dimensional modeler. Therefore, AutoCAD 360 is geared for tablets with the new operating system from Microsoft.

In our tests, the performance of AutoCAD 360 proved better than expected. Even opening files considered heavy, the program showed no problems handling these elements. Still, time to move the display to another plan, we could see a bit of delay in rendering, but nothing major or that could annoy any user.


The interface is one of the strengths of AutoCAD 360. The app is still in testing phase, but already shows an interesting finish with a reasonable organization on the screen when the user selects files, including showing a preview of each document . Otherwise, there is a series of animations for transitions leaving the app with a very elegant look.

Finally, we can say that, even with a preliminary version of an application under construction and not having so many tools, AutoCAD 360 can still be considered one of the best in its category. So worth the download.

Download AutoCAD 360 For Windows 8

Download AutoCAD 360 For Windows 8.1