Download NetPaylas For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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The NetPaylas is a lightweight and reliable application that allows you to create a wireless network and let it accessible only to trusted users. Simple to use and easy to be designed, it helps you to make your internet available to their friends. You only need to connect the device to an appropriate adapter to turn your machine into an internet provider.

It is the solution for the creation of a local network using an appropriate device or computer to establish a connection to the internet available adapters. You can create a temporary network that can serve a purpose, short term, or even create a permanent connection.

Simplicity and safety above all

Different control panels that do the same service, this app makes it much simpler, allowing you to change, at any time it deems necessary settings. Anyone with the slightest knowledge networks will accomplish the changes and create a wireless network quite rapidly.

Moreover, you can protect your network with a password that you will only share with trusted users, changing it regularly. Any new password can be changed in a registration area. You enter a custom password or you can let the system generate a random alphanumeric string. Each passphrase requires a minimum number of characters and, optionally, different symbols.

A wireless network without complication

You can turn your machine into a wireless router by establishing a connection with an internet adapter. Once a connection is stable, your machine can transmit the signal through media wirelessly with other devices or machines, all easy and uncomplicated.

Just choose a name for your network, password protection and click “Start” to enable sharing of internet connection. The display box in the upper right corner of the window NetPaylas, notifies you which devices are connected to your network. So you can monitor traffic and all participants.

Additionally, you can modify the IP settings, depending on the sources of internet adapters you are using. The software itself recommends that you not change the IP numbers, but if you judge necessary and know what you are doing, you can always change you want.


You can easily create a wireless network so that your friends can connect using NetPaylas . The software is lightweight and easy to use, enabling you to turn your computer into a wireless router very easily. Suitable for anyone who has internet on the machine, but does not have a modem or router and it is routed.

Setting up a local network is very easy, you can connect your computer to an internet adapter and then start your own wireless network, allowing access to anyone you want. All settings are very easy to change, you can do so at any time you feel necessary.

Custom Passwords

You do not need to worry because your network is always well protected. You can create a strong password or let the system do it for you. If you do not know what to put in to ensure their safety, the software itself will develop a strong key. Just note that you only disclose and to whom you want.


Easy to be understood by anyone who understands minimal network configuration, interface is simple and divided into four tabs. Unfortunately, it is only available in English and Turkish, a little difficult for those who do not understand any of the two languages, but at the same time, the features are easy to understand.
Download NetPaylas For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Download NetPaylas For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

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