Download Micro DVD Player Free For Windows

Micro DVD Player is a free application tool display “ripped” video files from a DVD. Ie, files that are created when you rip a DVD to computer.

Not always this kind of item can be read by all players, because they contain not only the movies and own chapters, but all menus and additional information. This program, however, allows the reproduction of this content with ease.

Just open the program and find a valid file (a disk image that was copied to a DVD, for example) to be added. The interface closely resembles him a DVD of truth, containing the traditional buttons and even a few extra menus that are hidden in a “drawer”.

Apart from ripped files, you can also open physical disks to be played by this player. You need to choose the font by clicking on “M” or “F” on the bottom of the interface near the back of the track button. If you prefer, set up keyboard shortcuts to be able to use the program correctly without even using the buttons on the app.


Micro DVD Player is a simple application for playing files ripped from DVDs and own physical disks. It has a beautiful interface, but to try to be very realistic with a real DVD player just leaving the confused look and the very small buttons.

That is, this application has an interesting look, but suffers usability: can not understand what each button does, the explanations (when they exist) are very small and we need to put all your mouse over each button to know exactly what it does. This is a problem that ends up making the program seem too amateur.

It would be much better if a simple, minimalist interface, but with large and well positioned buttons. Not the case, so it’s good to get used to the keyboard shortcuts if you want to use this program frequently. They can be configured and are shown when you hover the mouse over a button for a few seconds.

The permission also run the disk images, not only the physical disks is good for those who do not have a DVD drive and want to copy your media on another computer to watch. That’s pretty interesting and useful and the end result is noticeable: it is as if you were even watching a disc, not a ripped file.

Download Micro DVD Player Free For Windows

Download Micro DVD Player Free For Windows