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viruses, malware and spyware that may be hiding on your system. With it, you do a complete scan and can avoid possible loss of data or formatting.

Remember that the tool does not work like an anti-virus itself, it will only evaluate the machine and identify threats. Therefore, it can be used quietly without interfering with the security tools that are already included in the system.

Efficient scanning

Once the software is first started, it will automatically do a search in the system. The time it takes to investigate depends on the amount of files that must be analyzed. In general, the process takes at least 10 minutes. To repeat the search, simply click the “Check Now”.

After the scan, the program displays the number of items that have been studied and indicates that Windows has some system of active protection system or web. If any threat is found, the tool shows its location. You can mouse over it to see details about the signature and the confidence level of the file.

On the left side, the software displays the amount of cookies that were found, which ones are dangerous or suspicious. Click on “manager. Cookies “in order to remove cookies that may cause some kind of problem in the system, and for that just check the boxes and click the” Remove Selected “. If you want to delete all cookies at once, simply press the “Remove All” button.

Scheduled scan

The tool also has a scheduled system scan. With it, you will be notified whenever a threat to compromise the system. These checks occur during system idle time, so they do not hinder the use of the computer and do not cause crashes.


Make no mistake: Norton Security Scan is not an antivirus. It’s good to make that clear, because it will not remove potential threats, let your machine faster or enhance the system security. All he does is make a scan for suspicious files and software

Although the estimated scan time is high, it is usually pretty fast. However, he does not spend much safety in the delivery of results. During the evaluation, the program does not show what is being analyzed nor has options to pause or stop the process. When the scan is finished, all you can see are the summarized results.

Very suspicious

Because it is a tool of Norton, we expected more options and a function that would really work. In fact, the program seems a way to sell more than a half antivirus to protect your computer. By clicking correct, the application will open a page of the manufacturer so you can buy the antivirus, ie, it will not fix anything for free.

Even if the application contains thousands of malware and viruses, all he does is offer choice for you to buy a product from Norton. That is not cool, because it passes the illusion that will correct the error, but you want to sell a product.

Visually, the program is not very nice. Although he tries to adapt some elements of Windows 8, many items are overly flashy and large, not to mention a banner at the bottom of the Norton Internet Security appears insistently.

Cookies Cleaner

The only thing that Norton Security Scan really does is clean the cookies stored in the browser. The option works simply and with a few clicks you can easily remove hundreds of cookies. However, programs like CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare make it better and easier.

Anyway, there are not many reasons to install Norton Security Scan, unless you want to make an independent scan antivirus installed on the machine.

Download Norton Security Scan For Windows

Download Norton Security Scan For Windows

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