Download RECORDIT For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, MAC


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The RECORDIT is a free program with versions for Windows and Mac, designed for those seeking a simple solution to record videos (screencasts) of your computer screen.

However, it is worth noting that the software works differently from conventional: instead of saving the clip to your hard drive in any format, it will automatically upload the document to their own servers, making it available online for you to share it with your friends.

From the time your video is hosted on the servers RECORDIT, you can send it to anyone via a direct link and then save it to your computer in MP4 format. You can also send it straight to your social networks (Facebook and Twitter) via small buttons located in the upper right region of the service site.

Recording in a few clicks

It is very simple to use RECORDIT. When installed on your computer and run it for the first time, he starts to run hidden way in the system tray. To start a new recording, you just need to double click the application icon. Then determine the capture area of ​​the screen (rectangular area). A small button “Rec” appears just below the specified space.

Just click this button to start recording. The RECORDIT only lets you capture clips up to five minutes long, so keep an eye on this limit while working on their production. There is also no way of pausing application activity. When you want to stop recording, just click the “Stop” button (which appears in place of the “Rec”) and wait for the process to upload the document.

After a few seconds, you will be alerted by a small notification that your video is already hosted on the servers RECORDIT; click the message to open it in your default browser. If you want, you can turn the clip into an animated GIF by clicking the little “GIF” button located next to the controls (play and pause) to.

If you ever need, you can pay one small fee and get the Pro version of RECORDIT. This special edition has two advantages compared with traditional: the possibility to protect your recordings with an alphanumeric password and increasing the frame rate of the clips (up to a maximum of 12 fps).


The RECORDIT is a very nice for those who need to share short videos with utility frequency. The limit of five minutes per clip can be quite uncomfortable for some users – this is definitely not the appropriate program for creating gameplays and more extensive visual works, but for small tutorials or the like.

Among the features of the software that pleased us most, there is the possibility of transforming documents into animated GIFs and intuitive overall program – it is very easy to start and save a recording. The fact that your files are permanently saved in the RECORDIT own servers is another major positive (although many people will be afraid as the reliability of this hosting and will continue preferring the good old YouTube).

It’s worth taking a look at RECORDIT if you want a simple utility and purpose to create and share screencasts small among his friends. Enjoy, because it is completely free and very light – your installer weighs less than 1 MB.

Download RECORDIT For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, MAC

Download RECORDIT For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, MAC

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