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IceCream Image Resizer is a free application developed for resizing images. The software stands for simplicity and speed time to manipulate the dimensions of photographs and illustrations.

For this, it supports the operation of various figures at the same time allowing you to add the individual files or entire directories of images. In addition to using the buttons in the interface, you can simply drag and drop the desired content on the IceCream Image Resizer for it to be loaded.

Another peculiarity of this software is the presence of pre-defined profiles resizing – including sizes of large, medium and small proportions, additionally with the specific dimensions to use the images as cover Facebook or Apple devices, including iPhone and iPod .

Despite the existence of these formats already established, you can also set the width and height of the images manually. It is valid to point out that even resized figures retain their original proportions, despite its modified dimensions.

The IceCream Image Resizer also has a mechanism that identifies whether a photo is horizontal or vertical. If the graphic is oriented vertically, the height and width values ​​are switched automatically. The image formats supported by this program are the most common today. These include JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, RAW and TGA.


If you are looking for a tool that allows resizing images uncomplicated and efficient manner, can download and install the Image Resizer IceCream without fear. For this purpose, it should not disappoint you and expedite changing the dimensions of your collection of photos and graphics.

Beauty and functionality

Soon to hit the eye in IceCream Image Resizer, you should be pleasantly surprised with the visual attention that the developers of the program had. That’s because it has a modern, funky minimalist appearance, removing every kind of element that can distract you whilst enjoying its features.

But its prominence in this appeal is not just the beauty. The functional structure of the program is very well organized, with their pooled resources in a single screen, but properly segmented by type of activity. Allied to this, the translation into Portuguese and ensures hassle-free interaction that can be easily assimilated by anyone.

Great performance for a low consumption

Regarding the performance of the IceCream Image Resizer, nor do we have to complain about. During our analysis, the software was stable operating without presenting any operation fails, and performed the actions indicated a very quick manner. Even when dozens of images, adding more than 50 MB, were loaded, the application resizes finalized in few seconds.

Moreover, the IceCream Image Resizer demonstrated a low consumption of computer resources. Even in peak use of the software, increasing demand both CPU and RAM was practically negligible. In other words, the program can be used on machines with settings a bit more modest hardware without causing slowdowns or crashes.
Download IceCream Image Resizer

Download IceCream Image Resizer

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