Download AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner APK For Android

AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner is an application for Android , which allows free space of internal and external storage device. This tool performs both the search and removal of all kinds of temporary files generated by third-party applications.

Through a really beautiful, elegant interface, the application delivers to its users four features: History (performs cleanup of historical web pages), Cache (cleaning chache files), Calls & Messages (clearing the history of links) Clean and Auto (scheduling cleaning).

Using the History and Cache functions, the application displays its users, a list of applications that have web browsing histories and cache files taking up space on your device. Optionally, users can choose by such thorough cleaning, and then choose to delete the data from only a few.

Download AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner application, and free up space on your Android device.


Unlike other applications that perform cleanup of temporary files on Android, AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner application has a big advantage over the other: to be developed and maintained by AVG. Delivering features that are very useful and efficient, the application proved to be an excellent option for those who are in need of an application of this segment.

With a very simple interface to be used, the application also delights us with her elegance. By browsing their functionality, the user may notice that the application material by factors that take into account not only the beauty but also the usability and intuitiveness in its use.

In terms of variety of features, the application is not substantially different from others of the same segment. Very efficient, the application allows its users to perform a few steps, cleaning of all kinds of temporary files that are occupying unnecessary space in internal and external memory Android device.

Bringing together the visual aspects that demonstrate care and efficiency in the execution of their tasks, the AVG application Memory & Cache Cleaner is an option that deserves to be evaluated and to occupy a place in the device of Android smartphone users.
Download AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner APK For Android

Download AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner APK For Android