Download WeVideo For Android

Edit videos with WeVideo is a simple but useful for anyone who does not give up registering unforgettable moments in movies made ​​with your camera phone task. This little free app has great options with very interesting features that can be applied in a practical way in the recordings.

Although not available , it offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface where the user can carry out their issues quickly and without advanced knowledge in the area.

Among the possibilities offered by Android are WeVideo for capturing photos and videos, division and stylization of footage, adding multimedia content from your library to the video being edited, and more.

Once ready, you can share your video through social networks or save to a file storage service in the cloud that is offered by the app.


The WeVideo is a software that anyone who has an Android phone and enjoy making videos should be on your list of applications. He offers several very interesting options for editing footage without you having to pay anything for it. The tools are different, the performance is good and very pleasant interface.

But even so, those who are familiar with editing applications, either photos or videos, will make the task of touching the WeVideo letter. The menus are very simple and there is always a chance to preview what you will do.

Among the positives, besides the practice and the variety of resources, is the fact that the application provides login with Facebook accounts and Google if you do not want to register. For a free app, the WeVideo is a video editor of enough quality. Make your videos, edit them and even share them on YouTube. Practical, useful and free. Worth downloading!

Download WeVideo For Android