Download Camtasia Studio For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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The Camtasia Studio is a tool for capturing and screen recording for Windows and Mac . The program has several options for editing and montage videos. It is ideal for creating video tutorials and slide shows. Easy to use, its clean and simple interface allows the user to identify its key features on the first use.

To start a new video, you must select the “File” option and click “New Project”. There is the possibility of editing a video normally when importing content or then start recording the screen.

To catch everything that goes through your PC screen, the user must select the “Record the Screen” (Record screen) button. After this procedure, a panel that shows all the options for recording starts. In “Select Area” you can define whether you want to capture all the “Full Screen” screen or a custom size “Custom”.

The “Recorded Inputs” function is used to select which device will be used during capture, eg, audio and webcam. When you finish the settings, the user must use the “Rec” button to start recording. If you want to stop everything, however, there is the “F10” key.

Quality videos

One of the advantages of the software in relation to its competitors is the ability to choose the resolution of the captured video without losing quality. Thus, it reduces the final size of the file to conform to the user’s needs.

The application considers that the videos vary according to the situation and thus provides efficient and intelligent for creating multimedia files forms. After all, a video that will be shared on the internet does not need the same resolution as a video that will be presented at an event.


Another interesting feature offered is the ability to embed audio narrated. This functionality is interesting to explain to people that will watch your video what is happening on screen. This serves as a way to guide the user in some sort of process or even to comment on something related to the film being passed.

The possibility of adding audio to movies made possible the creation of more diverse types of videos, leaving a bit of the traditional style tutorial. It is possible, for example, create videos with analysis on games, captured on the PC or on the Internet, review various footage with personal impressions and interesting information, and whatever else the imagination allows.


In addition to the features mentioned above, the application has great editing tools, which can leave your video even more illuminating or interesting. With the zoom you can zoom the video at specific points.

Have the photos and music tool adds these media in their videos without difficulty. Webcam added to your webcam to video being captured. It can also add captions to video and graphics and include arrows to highlight certain points of the presentation.


After finishing the creation and editing of the video, it’s time to save the project. Simply access the “Produce and share” option at the top of the interface, and choose from several predefined profiles available.

The options are Web “,” Blog “,” CD / DVD “,” HD “,” iPhone “,” iPod “,” “and” YouTube “. Choose according to the purpose of the project created and give a name to the file. Finally, select the destination folder and wait for the completion of the outcome.


The demo version of Camtasia has no limitation, but it can only be used for 30 days. After this period, the purchase of a license is required. Download Camtasia Studio 8 and let your creativity!


Camtasia Studio is a complete tool for creating video tutorials. It has as main attraction is really easy to perform. One of the reasons the facility is the interface that helps guide the user where to go and what to do to prepare your videos.

If you have any questions arise of how to use the program, he teaches you step by step through an instructional video. Its buttons are well placed and great viewing.

The software has advanced features such as manual choice of resolution videos. In addition, there are themes ready to leave the job with the face of professional and also many effects available.

One of the best performances of Camtasia, however, is to allow a part of the video tutorial created get highlighted on the screen. Is it entering the feature to zoom in on just one area of ​​the video. This is a great option for those who need an explanation in a highlight video lesson, for example.

Download Camtasia Studio For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Download Camtasia Studio

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