Download Audio Mixer Player For Windows and Mac

Audio Mixer Player is a tool that allows the user to mix music and other audio files in unusual and surprising way. With it you can create unique blends sound as if they were true recipes, getting unique results that can be danceable, weird, and maybe even genius.

The program presents a look up there in neat, with several buttons, effects and elegant nuances of color. But although its appearance is itself a big thing, their functions are even better.

Audio Mixer Player can play music simultaneously on up to eight channels, combining their respective rhythms and beats harmoniously. You can also control the balance of each file, volume and repetition, and what is better, you can be free to choose the songs you like most in MP3, SWA, AU, AIFF, WAV, WMA and RA formats.

Despite the many functions it carries, the program is easy to use and does not even require installation. To delve into the world of music mixes just unzip the file containing the executable, and start the journey.

Audio Mixer Player is available for Windows and Mac systems in a free version, the English language.

Download Audio Mixer Player For Windows

Download Audio Mixer Player For Windows