Download Jango: Free Music Online

Listening to music on the internet is now a task that most common, but we do not always get inspiration for some cool sound. Jango is an online service that allows searching various musical styles, meet new bands and even get tips from other users.

How to get songs

Jango has a very simple and intuitive interface. The site does not require any registration, but to access some extra tasks like creating your radio station you need to create a quick login access.

After typing a keyword, Jango will suggest some songs and artists related search term. After that the tool performs the most varied names in music this feature is interesting because it allows you to expand your musical knowledge.

Jango also provides a list of the most accessible songs for you to track what users are listening to on the site. The small player is in the upper left corner through it is possible to change the music, turn up the sound and even post a note to her.

Download Jango Free Music Online

Download Jango: Free Music Online