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CatchApp is a center which brings together in one place, direct access to numerous tools for collective management of projects. From  Google Drive and  Dropbox more resources focused on collaborative work, as  Trello and Basecamp , everything can be connected and monitored in real time here.

All you need to do is grant access to their accounts, and may separate them into lists according to the purpose of each. The CatchApp also contains applications for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and can also be accessed through tablets and smartphones.

Its online version needs no installation and you can start using it within moments. For this you need a registration or it is possible to associate your account logins Google or Facebook to CatchApp. Finally, the service allows you to add friends, connecting to all of them through this platform to manage their favorite project managers.

Connecting everything to the last account

The function of CatchApp is one: monitor your accounts in search of news. That goes especially for collaborative work tools because it is not always easy to identify when a change was made. So, while you do other things this service keeps an eye to you.

It can be divided into several groups, within which you can connect as many accounts as deemed necessary. The free version offers unlimited features for 30 days but after that you can only receive 100 updates per month. To return to the “premium mode”, you must do a paid subscription.

Besides being able to connect via RSS to any web page with this feature, CatchApp also works with the following applications: Basecamp, Bitbucket, Box, Chatter, Desk, Dropbox, Evernote, Evernote Business, GitHub, Google Calendar, Google Drive Highrise, Lighthouse, Mendeley, Pivotal Tracker, Podio, Skydrive, Trello, Trello Organizations, Twitter, Yammer and Zendesk.


CatchApp is one of those initiatives so interesting and useful that you wonder how something like this has not arisen before. A simple way that it works is its highlight, dispensing advanced settings, just plug it accounts for all the magic starts happening.

The site interface is another positive point, with great visual appeal and very well organized. You load the page in the browser while and see an intelligent and easy to understand, with the chance to create various menus to keep your account in order structure.

The registration of new accounts and managing them is another very simple point here, which should not cause any problem to users. Perhaps the downside is going to be even limiting the free version, but nonetheless may still be possible to harness the CatchApp a bit after that.

In short, this service was well prepared, works perfectly well and offers very interesting features especially for those who work with more than one of these applications. A pity he did not count on some extra features, such as managing files yourself, what would make a complete suit.

Download CatchApp For Free

Download CatchApp For Free

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Savita Sathe
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