Download U-Tranz For Windows 7, 8, 8.1


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U-Tranz is an application developed in Java that allows the transfer of any content between two computers on the same local network securely.

For this, the program uses advanced encryption methods and the UDP protocol, preventing personal or sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Unlike other programs of its kind, the U-Tranz has no size restriction for shared files, allowing you to forward documents, spreadsheets, presentations, music, videos and pictures, for example, almost any dimension.


During our tests, the U-Tranz showed incompatibility with one of the most popular DECompressors zipped files today, the  WinRAR . No apparent reason, this software corrupts the contents corresponding to the installer downloaded this file sharer. Therefore, the use of other decompressor, as is indicated  WinZip or  7-Zip .

Draws the eye!

The operation of the U-Tranz not have any secret. The first important observation is that both computers to exchange information must have the program saved on your disk storage. Another important use tip: the person you want to send content should open the “U-Tranz Client”.

In contrast, the connection between the machines is stipulated by whom you receive the file and use, respectively, the “U-Tranz Server”. The process of establishing a communication channel is simple. Just add the number of IP address provided by the “client” program on your “server”.

After confirmed the communication of PCs, all you need do is press the “Browse” button, find the desired through the Windows Explorer window open file and click “Send”. Okay, now just wait for the U-Tranz do their job encryption and sharing.


U-Tranz has a very simple interface, without great visual appeal. However, it is well organized and promotes a hassle-free interaction. This flexibility is achieved thanks to the fact the program together in a single screen all the features offered.

With this, you should not have major difficulties to use it – even those who do not speak English or fumbling never had this type of software. Briefly, you will be able to enjoy this application without the need to search or seek for help.

Another positive point of the U-Tranz is the low power consumption of computer resources. Our analysis showed that the use of this program increases both the RAM consumption as the processor in virtually irrelevant levels. This means that it can run on more modest machines without causing slowdowns or crashes.

In addition, transfers promoted by U-Tranz had enough agility. Obviously, such a performance share is directly linked to the speed of the network connection that is being used.

Download U-Tranz For Windows 7, 8, 8.1

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