Download CleverPrint For Pc (Windows XP/Vista/7/8)


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CleverPrint is a tool to optimize the printing process. The application has an intuitive user interface, allowing less experienced people should not have any problems in using this program.

Using CleverPrint efficiently we use the available surface of the paper. According to the manufacturer, the application allows you to save up to half of the money spent on consumables like ink and toner. CleverPrint offers the ability to print multiple pages on a single sheet, combine several documents into a single, rapid removal of unnecessary pages in print, or cancel the option of quick tasks printer.

CleverPrint also equipped with additional functions. The program allows you to add your own header printed documents, watermark, text, and even pictures. We find here the functionality of a virtual printer that allows to export pages to BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF and PNG.

The full version of CleverPrint from Chip DVD installs as a virtual printer that can be controlled via a printer connected directly to the computer and network equipment. The main trick CleverPrint applications, leading to savings in printing costs, the ability to print multiple pages on one sheet of paper and the possibility of joint print from multiple applications. Another drop of ink and toner grains can save omitting graphics in documents.CleverPrint can also adjust the width of the margins of documents, insert them into the header using a custom template and add the printed output of text or image watermark setting its position and transparency. CleverPrint leads and accurate statistics of your savings on printing.

CleverPrint The program installs as a virtual printer, which can be found among the other devices in the control panel »Devices and Printers”. So if you want to save costs, and print documents using CleverPrint, just in any program that supports printing selected as the current printer just CleverPrint. This can be done globally, by selecting »Set as default printer« from the context menu of the right mouse button. The use of physical printer, then you can choose from within the program CleverPrint.

Print Settings

CleverPrint user interface is very clear and offers functions to strip cards, as we know from Microsoft Office applications. The most important functions and their options tab »Main Actions”. These are mainly used printer selection menu »Print & File” and select the number of copies printed. In the left pane of the program CleverPrint see preview of the document for printing (»Job«) and the largest part then displays detail the layout of each page. If you want a page of a document put out of print, simply click on its thumbnail, right-click and then select »Delete Page”. Even easier is to change the order of pages to print – just drag the thumbnail to the desired position.

The main features of saving CleverPrint include printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper. In the »Page on Page« so you can choose how many pages will be printed together. There is a setting of 2, 4 or 8 pages on a single sheet. Page layout is displayed in the large preview. Other settings tab »Main Actions« is more interesting choice »Watermark”, that is used to print documents, insert watermarks. In the settings window you can create a text or image watermark, including preset transparency, the location on the page and application on a particular sheet.

Print preview

Large preview pages of a document for printing and other useful settings are available on the card »Print Preview”. Save paper when printing you can use options »Remove empty spaces”, which removes unnecessarily large margins documents. Even better margins documents can be set using presets »Margin”.

For documents with no important uses graphics, photos or images, you can save color cartridge printers using preset »Remove Graphics”. The function deletes all the graphic elements of the document and leave only text.

Header documents

Use the tools CleverPrint their documents can also set the header printed on the first or on all pages. Other functions can be found on the card »Letterhead”. Header of the document can be used repeatedly if you set it and keep it in the program CleverPrint as templates.

Start by selecting »Create new letterhead from current job” and the newly opened window, enter the name of the template header. Header will be used as the first page of the current document selected for printing. Using preset »Show letterhead only on first page« can show header only on the first page of a printed document.

Preferences edges

The card with the name »Settings« contains more preferences page margins by setting »Edge” and “Size”. You can choose a wider margin for hole punch, which serves button »Leave room for gutter”, and the color of the page (»Page Color«). Also on this tab, you will find the selection of the printer being used, prepared by pressing »Print …”. The printing itself then you can start by selecting »Print all” in the bottom left of the window CleverPrint.

The tab »Settings« You can not stop at preset user interface CleverPrint prepared under the press »Settings«. Is especially important language preferences. Setting color style user interface option can be found under CleverPrint »Skins« on the last tab »Info«.

Download CleverPrint For Pc

Download CleverPrint For Pc

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