Download Unchecky For Pc (Windows XP/Vista/7/8)

Unchecky is a free and useful tool at the same time protect your computer from installing unwanted components of the programs offered by the installers. The application does not require any configuration, allowing less experienced people should not have problems in using the Unchecky.

Unchecky added to the operating system as a service, which is running in the background to monitor the installation of programs, avoiding any substitution page and default search engine in Internet browsers, and what the most important thing will not install toolbars (toolbars) and other unnecessary additives.

Unchecky also equipped with a function to warn the user when he by his inadvertently selects options agreeing to install junk components in Windows.

When installing a free software mindfulness is increasingly required: A misplaced hooks and promptly find themselves on the plate next to the desired tool various additional software and annoying toolbars that do more harm than good.

The freeware Unchecky wants to solve the problem: In the background the tool software installations monitored – and intervenes when an unwanted installation is imminent. Depending on the offers the freeware is doing differently to work: Some additional offers filters the freeware completely out of the installation process, in some cases, hooks are deselected and grayed out additional offers. If you see an offer, warns a pop-up and lets you correct the final decision.

In our tests Unchecky recognized unnecessary add-on software in many cases and protected us automatically before an unwanted installation. Unfortunately, there are also exceptions where additional software is not detected or only partially. So you should not blindly rely on Unchecky, but follow install software yourself carefully.

Download Unchecky For Pc

Download Unchecky For Pc