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Cloud Explorer is an application that serves as a “client” to access your documents that are stored on Dropbox , Google DriveSkyDrive and Facebook. With it, you can download your files available on any of the services or send new documents directly from your computer.

To use the program is not necessary to have a particular regard for the application, however, you must provide your access credentials for each service you want to use. In addition, the software prompts some permissions so that it can access your data in the account provided.

Accessing files

Currently, there are a number of services available to those who want or need to store files on a virtual drive completely. They can be a great alternative to having certain material available on-site where it is necessary, besides representing a safer way to carry documents to an external device (after all, you can lose them or even suffer a virus infection in strange) machine.

The Cloud Explorer provides a way for you to access your documents present in Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive, plus existing in their Facebook albums photos. So you can manage your files across multiple accounts without the need to open one by one in the browser.

It can either be an option for faster access to your files and for those who do not like to use the services in the browser, regardless of the reason. Basically, to start using the application, select the accounts you want to associate with him and then enter your access credentials.

Using the program

Once the login in the desired accounts, see which services appear as items displayed in the left portion of the screen. So just click on the one you want to open the content so that it can be viewed on the right side of the interface. Note that the organization is the same in this virtual drive.

When you select any of the items, you may download it to your computer through this screen or via the context menu. Likewise, you can rename a file or folder, and even deleting the object. If you want to create a new directory on the drive, just use the “New folder” button.

You can upload documents present on your computer for any of the services just selecting by clicking “Upload” and select the files to be sent. This action is also available from the context menu of the tool.


Cloud Explorer is a very useful tool for those who already use the services supported, or even as a way to facilitate the management of photographs kept in their Facebook albums. Worth only strengthen the program does not sync items to a folder on your computer, serving only for content management in the virtual drive.

One of the great advantages of the program is the fact that he submit compatibility with some of the most popular storage services. Thus he is able to meet a lot of people. The program interface is intuitive and well organized, making it easy to use even for those who are new or do not have much affinity with synchronization and backup applications.

All procedures have offered an easy way for its realization. Moreover, the main tasks are available both through button directly on the program screen, and via the context menu. The tasks carried out automatically, making you need not wait long for them to be completed.

During our tests, we miss just one option for moving files between folders on a drive – action that is, at least until now, still not available in the program. Likewise, unfortunately, it does not have support for multiple accounts on each service. So, if you need to use it with different logins, you must exit the current and connect with the credentials to another.

However, if you want to manage your files unifying virtual drives supported in a single interface, it is certainly worth testing the Cloud Explorer.

Download Cloud Explorer

Download Cloud Explorer

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