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Fawwaz 2014 is an application to prevent the entry of malicious applications on your computer that have not been detected by other means of security. Applying a constant monitoring of the programs and processes running on the computer, the software looks keep you more protected from threats.

For this, the program maintains a system of preventive protection (real-time) to detect all attempts to input suspicious programs and prevent them from being executed immediately. Worth only reinforce that this application does not replace any protection mechanism, being only a tool for additional security.

Protecting your computer

Usually an antivirus is able to cope well with the malware spread via the Internet. However, there are malware that are focused on disguise themselves as if they were harmless or even getting applications hidden within other programs. In addition, not always protection programs are updated in time to prevent attacks such as the “zero-day attack” type.

So, to prevent this type of problem, it pays to keep an additional security mechanism as Fawwaz 2014. With it, you ensure the monitoring of processes and applications on your computer, making protection against any kind of software that is considered as a suspect.

The program does not have a system for manual verification by virus or malware and its protection is performed entirely automatically.

Increasing security

Shortly after installing the program, as a default, it immediately activates the protection of your computer. The application remains active in the background and to access your dashboard tool, simply click the right mouse button on this icon in the System Tray and choose the alternative “Show”.

The program interface is divided into tabs so you can easily view the available information. On the first tab, “Home”, you can see all the processes running on your computer at the time, with the option to update the information. It is also possible to stop the protection modifying the switch position “on Protection Process.”

The second tab, “Information”, brings a list of all the modules contained in the program. In “White list” you can view the processes generated by various applications (even if the software is not installed on the computer). That way you can create a kind of “white list” on the machine, including those you judge completely harmless activities.


Fawwaz 2014 is a tool specific security, aimed to prevent the entry of unknown programs on your computer. This way you can increase the protection of your machine, preventing the installation of some software that can contain malicious applications and result in contamination of the equipment.

It can also be a way to avoid “zero-day attacks” (or zero-day attacks). Somehow he must replace a good updated antivirus and much less be used as the sole program for computer protection: the idea is simply to increase their degree of tranquility while surfing the internet.

A major advantage of the application is that it begins monitoring immediately after installation without the need for any configuration for this. Likewise, it has no settings or preferences advanced alternatives, making even a beginner has no major problems operating it.

However, the application does not have “manual checks” being fully automatic and based only on preventive protection. However, as the goal of the program is to perform a specific function to prevent unknown source applications are installed, it does not get to be a problem.

Moreover, you can create a white list applications that it deems safe, preventing them from being blocked. So if you want to increase the level of protection of your computer, you may want to test Fawwaz 2014.

Fawwaz 2014

Fawwaz 2014 Download

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