Download Comodo PC TuneUp For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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Comodo PC TuneUp is a program that works with the function and perform cleanings and bring performance improvements to the computer.

Often the system shows slowdowns and malfunctions, something that puts a flea in the ear of the owner of the PC.

The fact is that sometimes the problem is not as serious as you think, so that drastic solutions like format the machine, for example, is not something necessary. So the idea here is to identify such situations conducting cleanups in various aspects of your computer and avoiding major problems.

Comodo PC TuneUp is divided into three different areas. Check out the features of each alternative:

System Status: main option application, here you will find six different cleaning tools that can be used simultaneously. Here, Comodo PC TuneUp scans the critical events “windows, in the trash, looking for malware, the optimization options in general, the system logs and configuration of your PC’s security. So, after scanning, just press “Fix All Problems” that he “give a way” for all that is wrong in those points searched. If you want, you can check the details and clear files or options.
Tools: In this section you will find three alternatives of different work. Unlike the previous option, this work is done manually. You can ask for Comodo PC TuneUp find and delete duplicate files, do a defrag in the log files or even force the deletion of data from your PC.
Expert Help: the last alternative program you are able to start a live chat with a specialist service called “GeekBuddy” and ask for help in time to solve a problem on your computer.


Comodo PC TuneUp is software designed to help you keep your computer clean and with the best possible performance. To this end, the program provides several tools capable of eliminating unnecessary files, and even some threats to the integrity of your operating system.

The application is divided into three areas, which maintains a degree of organization and intelligent. Just browse once or twice by sections of the software to understand how everything is divided and how it works.

Organized – and very limited
The organization is good, the developer is reliable and the product is free. Ok, but what is and where is the catch? Well, if you’re a suspicious by nature, already understand how everything works. Comodo PC TuneUp is not, in fact, completely free.

In fact, quite the contrary, only a few tools are available, so that the main program options only work if you purchase the license application. This practice, which usually does not have the joy of the crowd, still less can please those who are more reluctant to try new software, mainly because you almost can not use it.

The main tool of Comodo PC TuneUp is cleaning and optimizing your system, for example, is not available in the free version of the application.  If you try to perform this procedure until you realize that it performs the scan, however, the service will stop there , or improvement or no cleaning of the system. Only the tools of the “Tools” area can be used by those who do not want to put their hand in your pocket.

Just to defragment the registry
In this case, the defragmentation of log files is efficient, albeit only among running when the computer is restarted. The other two options, as the search for duplicate files and purging files also work fine. In the second case, a service of “forced uninstall” would be something interesting.

The service helps the specialist Comodo PC TuneUp is available in the free version, however, in our tests we did not get any response in the chat window provided by the program in its own interface.

Download Comodo PC TuneUp

Download Comodo PC TuneUp

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