Klaok Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Klaok is more than just a player capable of playing multimedia content. It also has tools to perform minor modifications and assemblies in the recordings – and capture its output in both still images (JPG) format as for new videos (FLV).

Like much of the gender programs, Klaok can run a single video or assemble a playlist. Just below the display screen located in the left column of the application interface, you will find the control panel with mechanisms to pause, stop or resume playback, fast forward or rewind the running track and volume adjustment.

But that’s not all. By positioning the mouse cursor over the footage running, a translucent floating toolbar that offers the functions of capture screenshot and video on audiovisual content being played is displayed. When you activate any of these features, the central column of Klaok displays the result of the chosen function.

If you want to give some more relaxed retouching or give a new look to the record, you can navigate the right column to make color adjustments, apply 3D effects, create slide show or insert filter “picture in picture” (promoting quite varied) assemblies.


Klaok proved to be a functional application and has interesting qualities, but it is a program with some very important limitations to its use experience. In fact, he has a proposal that leaves the conventional: more than a simple video player, this software offers some simple editing features. Therefore, even though their “problems”, it is worth at least try it.

Its operation could be more practical
An important feature for this type of program is to maintain the quality of reproduction of the original content. Herein, the Klaok not let us down and showed the same level of visual and sonic details that video when played by traditional players, like  Windows Media Player and  VLC .

In this sense, one thing that bothered us was the fact that the window Klaok not be dynamically resizable – just by dragging its edges. You need to enter a specific tab of the configuration menu for it, which makes her less practical use.

The same is seen with the display format of the footage (4:3 or 16:9, for example), requiring you to access a particular screen “hidden” in another section to change this setting.

Nevertheless, for use intuitive icons and traditional this category of program, the use of Klaok is relatively uncomplicated. This means that with a little time you can use to assimilate much of their duties. However, your learning curve would be much less if he told with translation into Portuguese, facilitating the understanding of the Brazilians who do not speak English.

No weigh on PC
Another thing that did not please us at Klaok was its interface. Besides having a retrograde and bland appearance (remembering the look of the software 10 years ago), it is somewhat “polluted” and disorganized because developers trying to gather many functions on the same screen.

Moreover, it reveals a positive point of the application: a lot of resources, with special emphasis on the filter layer with three-dimensional perspectives, animated effects and changes in color.

Moreover, the Klaok presented a low consumption of computer resources. In our analysis, he did not actually use 10% of the processor and not occupied more than 40 MB of RAM. This means that it can run on machines with more modest hardware configuration without causing slowdowns or crashes.

Klaok Download

Klaok Download