Download SMPlayer For Windows and Linux

SMPlayer joins an impressive list of media players based on the open source MPlayer , but with features that set it apart from its competition . Thanks to its wide range of video codecs and embedded audio , is also highly portable, lightweight , stable and available in many languages ​​.

The SMPlayer , own installer version for Windows and Linux . Installing this media player was a breeze . The program is free of any form of Adware , and the installer is only 16MB and takes about 50MB when installed . After choosing one of 25 languages ​​at our disposal ( including Portuguese ) , and agree with the terms and conditions of the program , you will be able to choose which components you want to install and the installation directory . It is extremely easy , simply click the Next , Next and Next .

The interface is visually pleasing and intuitive , with different styles and customizable buttons and colorful . It is a clean and well organized interface . There is an explorer style menu at the top , which provides almost all options and a compact mode, which removes the reader all the buttons , for those minimalistic users . A toolbar with icons is available at the top for frequently used functions , including switching between audio channels and subtitles , and below the area of ​​video display have the standard menu navigation . There are useful tips not only on the main interface , but even in the preferences menu .

The SMPlayer Remember :

Probably the best feature is that SMPlayer remembers every action taken for each individual video file you play , how to play position , the custom labels , contrast, volume , etc. . This is a great time saver !

Youtube :

If we upload F11 , will us a window that shows us the top videos on Youtube appear. We can also conduct searches on youtube that window and then clicking the desired video , the SMPlayer soon begins playback.

Subtitles :

Subtitles are fully customizable and includes the source , position , color, and can be synchronized with the audio . Another useful feature is a built-in search engine , you like subtitles in multiple languages ​​, the database website .


Do not even think about installing additional codecs . The SMPlayer has everything that is needed to play any video file . A simple forward or rewind pulley mouse forwards or rewinds the video running. The playback speed can be adjusted to the movement , slow, 2x and 4x .


Download SMPlayer