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TubeQueue is a program whose function is to facilitate the download of your favorite YouTube videos to your computer, enabling their display even if there is unavailability of internet connection.

The output formats supported by the software include AVI, MP4, FLV, MP3, MPEG and MOV. Another feature of the program is that apart from converting downloads, is also able to do it from files already stored on your computer.

The window TubeQueue offers four areas, which are used sequentially to allow downloads and conversions. The first offers three tabs, but only the first actually works, serving to get the videos.

Transfer and conversion
Typing the desired term in the available field of the first sector, just click on “Search” and wait for the results to load – generally red buttons are the most relevant in the interface. When you find a video you want, then right click on it and use the only option that appears in the context menu to add it to the “Conversion Settings”, the second sector.

Once done, choose which output format you want and use the “Add to Queue Processing” to continue. In the third step, you should just use “Download / Convert”, while the latter only displays the progress of downloads. However, “Processing Queue” has two buttons on its top, ensuring the inclusion of videos to the conversion queue directly through the link and indicate files from your PC.

In relation to the last sector, “Download Progress”, “Open Downloads” shows transfers in progress. However, do not confuse this with the final files: “Open Folder Converted Videos” is the option you seek. After all, with her no way to see how the files were, in fact, after conversion, showing the end result of the process.


The interface TubeQueue is not the least bit friendly, although the red buttons can serve as a good tip for those who are completely lost, not knowing what to do to start using the application. Once you understand how it works, no big secrets, but the overall organization of the program leaves much to be desired – and yet, his appearance could be fancier.

The search speed is not exactly good, because instead of showing the results immediately, load them one by one, taking more time that way. The download time and conversions is also completely unsatisfactory, the program not being able to use all the speed in your internet bandwidth or processing power of your PC.

The number of conversion options is also low, and other related downside to this is no indication of which input formats supported for local video conversion. Finally, the quality of the end result is horrible, since not only the audio is greatly compromised, as the visual is so bad as to be worse than the lowest quality available on YouTube itself: missing configuration options to fix this.

Download TubeQueue

Download TubeQueue

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