Download MondoPlayer For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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MondoPlayer is a YouTube video player that works in a very different way when showing anything for you. The application opens windows on the side of the screen and you can load numerous videos there, including working jointly with the browser.

That way, you watch a video and makes better use of the space offered by your monitor as the application completely occupies one corner and let the rest of the screen for you to use as you wish. And all this while maintaining the basic options such as hand control of the display, audio and even the search for new videos.

Importantly, to be installed, MondoPlayer requires browsers to be closed – what you must do manually. Also, keep in mind that this is not a standard player, those that you carry web links or files that have on your own computer.

A different player
When you install MondoPlayer, it can be an alternative for you to view YouTube videos. This application creates a sidebar to the right of the screen, which displays a small rectangle – you can resize it without any problem at any time, simply drag the corners of the screen.

After that, you can open as many instances of the program desired by multiplying the number of videos played. In each of them you can run a different video, doing web searches, accessing YouTube and everything. You can even control the volume of each well individually.

Furthermore, MondoPlayer allows the videos displayed here are freely moved. With this, you can modify the order in which they appear on the screen, leaving everything to your liking. Finally, just position the mouse cursor over each one to view the control panel – Notification Area of ​​Windows is an icon through which you access the program options.


MondoPlayer is a program with a very different from a video proposal, especially by working only with Internet videos. Nevertheless, he does not do as well as it could, which makes their use a little frustrating due to some technical problems.

The options offered are varied, ensuring you see multiple videos at once, controlling them all individually and everything else, something positive. However, the main feature here is that the search engine does not work right and greatly affect user experience.

When you do a search, it does not always returns with results and the results are not always accurate. This basically prevents the MondoPlayer often causing it depends on integration with Chrome to work better, without any technical limitation type.

Anyway, MondoPlayer could be something more interesting than it actually is, as problems become complicated and limited their use.

Download MondoPlayer For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Download MondoPlayer

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