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Tiny Dowloader is an application to download video from internet sites with support for leading portals of the genre. Depending on your settings, just copy the link for the item in question to have it open within the application for the transfer of the web to your PC starts.

This application is similar to that of a manager torrents, with menus that help organize the display of content located on the left side of the screen structure. You can queue up multiple videos to be downloaded in sequence and also allow for simultaneous transfers.

While a download occurs, you see general information about the video, as the total size and size already downloaded, and also more specific data, such as speed of the transfer and even tags applied to it (you can include these labels in time to initiate a process these).

Web to your PC
To add a video to Tiny Dowloader you have two options: one is to click on the button in current form at the top of this screen and paste the link there, another is by clicking the button next to it, this shaped magnet set the option for automatic capture of the Windows Clipboard (“Grabber dialog”).

The other option there (“Grabber automatic”) will start a download automatically when you copy a link from YouTube, Vimeo or other site supported by Tiny Dowloader. If you want to disable this function, select the third option from this menu (“Grabber disabled”).

Accessing the settings of Tiny Dowloader you can set options for how the program will work with multiple downloads. There you define the limit of simultaneous transfers and also see the list of supported services.

By the way, some of the pages may have downloads made by Tiny Dowloader are YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Metatube Mojovideo. Altogether, this program works with more than 30 video portals.


Tiny Dowloader is a program easy to use and with support for various Internet portals, which now equates to many other software of its kind. The emphasis here remains the fact that this application allows monitoring of the Notification area, including automatic download of links copied.

This feature is somewhat innovative and sounds like a differential Tiny Dowloader, ideal for when you want to add multiple downloads directly. Here it can be done just copying links.

Support for download in high definition and also for multiple simultaneous transfers, beyond lists of file system to be downloaded complement the strengths of Tiny Dowloader. The program also offers a clean and well organized interface, easy to be interpreted and should not cause any complications for users.

Anyway, Tiny Dowloader emerged as an excellent alternative to more traditional programs of this branch. Competent, lightweight and easy to use, everything an application needs to be.

Tiny Dowloader

Download Tiny Dowloader

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