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The Crackle is a service for streaming movies and series, similar to Netflix , which has a vast catalog of videos and an interesting gap with its main competitors: it’s totally free. Not only download the application, but the reproduction of the content. No subscription, no monthly fee, all for free and available for Android , iOS , Windows and Windows Phone .

This service has a very simple operation. No need to register if you do not want. Just download the app to your device, select the movie you want to watch, waiting to load and ready. There is no mystery.

Obviously, membership brings some benefits, such as creating playlists, sharing on social networks and more. Title availability is quite nice for a free service, but nothing compared to what some competitors, like Netflix offer. The catalog is small but it is possible to entertain.

The navigation is quite simple. There are three divisions of content, including movies, series and music. Just click the one you want, search for the video you want to watch and click on its icon. So, a quick commercial is displayed, and then starts playing the movie, series or show that the user chose. See how to create a list to watch later on Crackle .

The playback quality is good, practicality is great and there are even a few classic movies (like Rocky and Poltergeist) in the catalog. The software is recommended for those who are movie buff, but not paid by the signature of a streaming service, but still want to have the opportunity to watch some movies on the Internet. Visit Crackle to watch movies online!


Worth downloading Crackle? Yes, after all, it is free, has some good films and offers compatibility with both PC and with smartphone and tablet. It is important, however, to have an exact notion that it is not the streaming service with the widest range of content on the market and there is hardly launches the program.

The application is completely free, there is no subscription fee or charge for the user to watch the movie, and if he does not want or need to register. That alone makes him very different from Netflix.

As it is free, the app has a major problem – quite understandable and even obvious: ads. The same as music streaming programs, it has one or other advertisement displayed in the middle of playback, such as when the user watches the movie on television, for example.

Still, for those who enjoy a good movie from time to time, even without having to pay anything for it, Crackle is an interesting download. Go and check it out!

Download Crackle - Movies & TV For Windows, Android, iOS
Download Crackle – Movies & TV For Windows

Download Crackle – Movies & TV For  Android

Download Crackle – Movies & TV For  iOS

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