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Traktor Pro  is an advanced audio mixing platform for DJs, but that does not mean that novice users need to stay out. Although rich in functions, the tool, which is now in version 2.6, brings specific features that makes it complete and accessible for the less experienced.

There looping and cueing functions and a full suite of well-designed to transform sounds, creating new hits and let you experience a new way of implementing rhythms and transitions effects in a song.

Developed for Windows and Mac (newer versions of the systems), the download is only done from the official site. By accessing the download link, you must fill out a short form that requires your e-mail, name your country and you must choose which operating system you want to download the file, only available in Zip.

The program

Traktor is a suite with modulations and mixing features and audio recording. It has customizable interface modules and has four decks that serve to edit the beats.

On the main screen, the editing can be done by time and beats. Before, you need to load the sound into the interface. The program supports ID3 and MIDI files.

Some options

With music imported, it’s time to start mixing. There are several buttons in the central part of the program. But do not be alarmed. Over time, they will already be familiar to you.

For now, it is important to highlight the main options: equalization, loops, automatic beat markers and the famous sound of scratch, hand movements on the disc. There on the screen, the display appears in waves and can be seen with all comfort.

For more advanced users, this new version you can use the feature to leave memorize all the effects in the program to play them on a nearby trail, this time with more accuracy. Finally, can you explore the Post-Fader Effect Routing function, which lasts for longer, even after the end of the song, a built-in audio effects.


In the resource bundle is an MP3, WAV that also plays audio CDs, a marker of beats and recuros of sync audio in addition also include a pitch control

Full control of music happens because the resources of the crossfade, which enables manual mixing. Have the function of autofade leaves the user free to make manual adjustments through specific buttons .. If you use a loop, you can also sync it through time of each song. They can earn elsewhere while the music is playing.

Limited version for half an hour

The program runs 7:08 in versions of Windows only and also in versions for Mac (new versions). It’s free for just 30 minutes. The full version costs around $ 90 and can be purchased on the product website.

Download Traktor Pro 2

Download Traktor Pro 2

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