Download CyberLink PowerDVD For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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CyberLink PowerDVD is an excellent DVD player that supports various audio and video formats, including files and high definition discs, like Blu-ray and MPEG-4. With it you can watch your favorite movies on your computer, plus all the extra features the software also features common to a DVD player functions.

The interface CyberLink PowerDVD is very simple to use and has no mystery in time to play a disc. The player comes with the codecs needed to watch any DVD without any problems. As if you were using a regular DVD player, it allows the menu, choose the language, subtitles and dubbing access.

Quality HD and 3D technology

In just one click CyberLink PowerDVD converts 2D movies to your 3D. This function adjusts the depth and totally transforms the experience of seeing a movie on your PC screen.

He also uses the technology TrueTheater HD , which ensures optimum performance and graphical display of images on your computer, according to the manufacturer.

Audio Adjustments

The CyberLink PowerDVD also provides options to adjust the audio to your home theater . By enabling this feature you will have my p audio to play your movie. For those who wish to run Blu-rays may also have extra settings sound setting.

Universal Media Player

PowerDVD is much more than just a movie player. He is the perfect universal media player for all your entertainment needs. Play any movie, video or music file or view photos stored locally, online or on other devices.

With support for Windows 7 music library, PowerDVD can sort your favorite music by title, album, artist, genre, length or size. Enjoy your favorite music with an easy to playlist.

The upgrade can even turn your smartphone into a remote control, with support for Apple and Android. Besides improving its integration with social networks allowing you to watch videos from Youtube, Facebook and Flickr acessefotos, and get movie on MoovieLive.


With a stunning visual, various functions and support for playback of movies to Blu-Ray or 3D quality Cyberlink PowerDVD can be considered an alternative improvements with regard to the reproduction of video content on your computer screen.

Very easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of formats, PowerDVD is not just a video player. In addition, he also plays your music, accessing the library of Windows, and allows viewing photos. All with easy controls and an interface that is not only beautiful but also intuitive.

The TrueTheater HD technology really makes a difference and makes very vivid images as well as audio’ll help, that make you feel, almost, with a movie on your computer. It is great to watch both videos you download from the Internet as well as content from physical media.

The big problem is that PowerDVD, for being so efficient and have a good look, the software is a bit heavy and therefore can cause lockups and slowdowns to your computer, depending on the settings the same. Moreover, it presents a major drawback: it is not compatible with all legends, and even those that are compatible are not very easy to put on.

Anyway, if your intention is to watch movies with high quality picture and sound, especially if RAM on physical media like Blu-Ray and DVD, and if your PC is set up well, with a good video card, and processor, check PowerDVD. Surely, you will have an excellent option to play your media.

Download CyberLink PowerDVD

Download CyberLink PowerDVD

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