Download Defraggler For Windows

Defraggler – application to defragment your hard drive. It is said the developer, his work differs from existing on the market in that it allows not just a full defragmentation of the hard drive, but each file and folder individually. Utility is a convenient and powerful interface, supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista, as well as 64-bit version works with file systems such as FAT32 and NTFS.

Among the benefits of Defraggler can note its portability, which means it does not require installation, as well as its small size. From routine built into the shell of Windows, it differs in that it allows to make operations better and faster.

After starting small and analyzing the contents of the disk, the application displays a list of files that are fragmented. They can choose to see their actual placement on your device. In operation, the program can be seen as the data move on the disk. Yellow – the sector from which the data is read, the green – where recorded. Once the program exits, or finds files that can not be processed – it informs the user.

Defraggler is a useful defragmenter from the creators of CCleaner. By fragmentation of hard disks a PC can be noticeably slower. With Defraggler allows you to defragment hard drives of a computer again. Defraggler does this very efficiently and is faster to use than Windows Disk Defragmenter.

Fragmentation is the process of sharing files, which are distributed over time on a hard drive are lost, are arranged so that they are quickly accessible. Again If you years not defragment Windows PC can be noticeably slower. Defragmentation can yield speedups.

Defraggler is such a defragmenter. It is fast and efficient, and it can not only defrag entire hard drives, as well as individual folders and individual files.

It is handy that you Defraggler under the Settings menu | can set a fixed time to defrag daily, weekly, or monthly automatic disk Schedule |. Options Furthermore Defraggler can check a hard disk for errors.

Download Defraggler For Windows

Download Defraggler For Windows