Download Dr.Web LiveCD For Windows

Dr.Web LiveCD is a utility that provides an effective search and destroy viruses. The main objective of this program – it is the restoration of damaged servers running Unix and Windows. If irreparable happened and you can not boot from the hard drive – will come to the aid of this utility. Dr.Web LiveCD is the same as the boot disk to boot from your hard disk drive and scan your hard drive for viruses.

This software provides a high level of finding malware, thanks to the regular updating of databases that are only available on the official website. The program can not only find and destroy a potential threat, but also try to cure infected files.

With all its capabilities, the app is free and freely distributed by the manufacturer.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Absolutely free of charge;
  2. Ability to boot from a digital drive;
  3. Search and destroy malicious code;
  4. Recovery of servers and workstations;
  5. Ease of use;
  6. Regular updating;
  7. High performance.


Download Dr.Web LiveCD For Windows