Download DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite is THE software emulation CD-ROM! It allows as many others to emulate one or more drives on your PC but then distinguished by the number of options it offers. It is thus possible to fit most existing disk image type.

DAEMON Tools Lite enables you to create one or more virtual from a single CD image from your favorite burning software CD players. Need to CD or DVD, the application will automatically emulate any type of images ISO, CUE, CloneCD, BlindWrite, DiscJuggler, and many others. Several options allow you to automate certain tasks, such as launching at startup.

After installation, “Daemon Tools Lite” latches in the Trayleiste. By clicking the icon, you can determine for which image you want to create virtual drives. Will appear a new drive letter in Explorer, which fulfills the same tasks of a physical drive.

In addition to CD and DVD copies and images of modern Blu-rays are supported. Due to the high memory requirements of a large disk image is a prerequisite for smooth operation. Overall can be created with this Lite version, up to four virtual drives simultaneously. The paid Pro version emulates up to 32 drives.

Another program feature is to create a physical CD, DVD or Blu-ray drives from original ISO-/MDS-Images. If the contents are protected, save the image with a password to prevent unauthorized access. The Pro version can moreover / create ISO images from CDs DVDs, which then in turn burn or leave to mount.

DAEMON Tools Lite

Download DAEMON Tools Lite