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Defraggler is an efficient defragmenting hard disks of the computer, which has a simple look and great features to Windows .

Entirely and with a pleasant interface, this app includes several methods of defragmentation, a series of displays with information about the data during and after your procedure and conditions for the “health” of the files and folders of your PC system .

As efficient as the native Windows defragmenter, this program has more features, better presentation and does not need to be installed to run.

How to Use Defraggler

Featuring an intuitive and extremely easy to use interface, Defraggler was developed to perform scans on data from your hard drive and open spaces, defragmenting them and better organizing your disposal.

This software provides a fast and simple installation, fully guided options full of information. However, you can also use it on any computer, accessing your executable file, which can be stored on a Pen Drive or in the cloud.

With its procedures initiated by the options in the “Action” menu, the program interface is divided into three spaces: one PC hard drives, another featuring a map of the disk contents analyzed and a final divided into tabs, with various information about the operations performed and the computer.


The defragmentation operation taken by Defraggler happens in the background without catch running other programs, but requiring a bit of computer processing.

The processes can be performed on any hard drive of your PC and you can make a more rapid and superficial procedure or the complete operation, that is more methodical and long, but it gets the best content on your HD, increasing the efficiency and performance of the computer.

The application also has two options to address the elimination of fragmentation of data to specific folders or files can be easily selected by sections of the hard disk that are located, displayed on the display interface with HD content selected.

Additional Resources

Defraggler reports of practical and affordable way a lot of information about the conditions of the selected hard disk, also showing many technical details from your computer and still doing a quick analysis of their conditions.

Their reports are not as extensive and detailed, but show quite efficiently all read errors and data storage that are encountered during defragmentation.

The Deflaggler also has an extremely efficient search engine so that users can search for files and folders on their hard drives according to the size or name.

In addition, the software has a great and practical resource to configure schedules defrags, allowing the user to select the date and time the operation will start.


Defraggler is a defragmenter extremely useful data, which also carry out their operations in an efficient and objective manner, yet offers plenty of useful features to users.

The program has a simple, pleasant and very intuitive with the commands and information distributed by a very practical way visual interface, greatly facilitating its use.

Can be installed via a quick and easy operation, which has the option to replace it with native Windows defragmenter, Defraggler can also be started from extremely functional way on other computers, and inciado directly by your executable.

Besides allowing for scheduling their procedures and conduct searches for files or folders, the application also offers defragmentation specific data services, helping to resolve problems fairly and increase the performance of your PC.

However, despite displaying various information about its processes and conditions of continuously computer, reports the complete defragmentation procedures are very simple, showing little information for such a long operation.


Download Defraggler For Windows

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