Download Enpass For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X


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Enpass is a password manager that aims to be comprehensive and safe to basically store any sensitive information about you. From the basics, such as passwords services you use on the internet, to advanced, as data of the credit card and social security numbers, everything takes place here.

The program organizes your information into categories, so just navigate through the various options offered by him to find the most appropriate for the information to be stored. Obviously, access to the application is protected with a master password set by yourself, thus ensuring the safety of all that is stored there.

In short, you basically keeps any sensitive information – data that those are sometimes necessary, but you do not know everything upside. The Enpass also has versions for other operating systems, including Mac OS X, Android and iOS, as well as with function backup and restore data.

All your passwords in one place

Of course, by basically storing all your most sensitive information, think of a good password to protect access Enpass is essential. If you did that, then browse through all nine categories existing in it, which include data from Internet services, credit card, finance, computer, documents, travel and more.

Each specific industry has also specific to each type of information fields. For example, stores the Facebook password you need only enter a single die, unlike when you will record related to credit card when needs to inform number, name, security digits, data and other information.

Security and synchronization

After registering a password in Enpass, you can copy the information to paste it in any service accessed by smartphone or tablet. The app is smart and deletes the information after some time – by default, the period is 30 seconds but can be changed in the settings app.

The Enpass still can synchronize data with other applications through  Dropbox ,  Google Drive or  OneDrive – you choose. Just enable this setting to not lose any password change performed in the services accessed by the computer, your smartphone or tablet (be it gifted Android or iOS).

Encryption and password generation

To increase security, the Enpass uses military-grade encryption. The function of protecting your data is up to an AES-256 and all the engine system are performed locally, ie, directly on your device, keeping the information there without uploading them anywhere on the web.

Moreover, the Enpass is able to help you when creating a password, since it includes a powerful manager for that. So if lacking creativity to produce a secret word to a new account, this program will do it for you.


Enpass is a boot full of resources to basically store any sensitive information about you passwords. He organizes everything in individual folders and is able to manage data credit card numbers, documents, software keys and, of course, passwords of services used on the web and on your smartphone or tablet.

For all purposes

Right away you see the main highlight of this application: a variety of things with which he works. Of course even in a notepad you can save the amount of information you want, but in Enpass you has an environment conducive to this, organized in such a way as to facilitate their interaction with their data.

Everything is well divided here, being very easy to access everything that was registered in the program. This is crucial, especially because Enpass has specific functions for you to take data from a boarding pass for your next trip and also credit card information, password, email and social networking services, software licenses and more.

Here, we point out the care and safety with which everything is managed, because you can hide from even give privacy to all of them. In addition, there is a general password protecting all essential feature to any program worth its salt genre.

Visual and translated

The appeal of Enpass is very visual, with an understandable interface, colorful buttons and menus clean, nothing in excess. Another feature that greatly facilitates the use of this app is the complete translation into Portuguese, then you do not need to master any foreign language to learn everything the program says.

Finally, there is the option to sync Enpass. No matter how many devices you use the application, or what are the platforms of them. All changes can be synchronized between all of them through their account on  Dropbox ,  Google Drive or  OneDrive .

Anyway, before you is a complete application to password management with advanced features to ensure the security and encryption of your data, but without ceasing to be functional. If you searched for an app able to do all this, just found.

Download Enpass For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X

Download Enpass

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