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FooDownloader is an application to download content from the internet, either through P2P networks or videos are hosted on major Internet portals such as YouTube. You just need to install and open this program to get it to work, thus eliminating large configurations.

The application framework is quite similar to the classic programs of the genre such as Kazaa and LimeWire, or if you’ve used any of them in ancient times, should not encounter many difficulties to use FooDownloader.

The program has a system of advanced search and still allows you to share content from your computer, after all this is the spirit of peer-to-peer (P2P). So look for what you want in the FooDownloader and download multiple sources simultaneously, increasing the chances of success.

Do you look and feel

Like any good P2P program, FooDownloader depends heavily on the network it’s connected. That’s because it depends only on other users to work, ie: you just lower what other people have to offer with the program and the network serving only as intermediaries.

In the “Search” tab you will find two tabs: “P2P Files”, which performs searches in peer-to-peer (ie, user to user connected to the program) and “Web Videos”, whereby you search for videos hosted the main portals of the genre on the internet, especially YouTube.

When a download begins, it is marked on the top of the program, with all data being displayed there. So, you know the progress already made, how long before completion, average download speed and total time duration of the process, among other information.

Care during installation

During the installation of FooDownloader are offered inclusions of various applications on your machine. Stay tuned for tips to prevent unwanted installations on your computer. When the screen below appears, just click “Skip”:

Again, not to install anything beyond FooDownloader on your PC, press the “Skip” button.

Again, press “Skip”.

For the last time, press the “Skip” button to continue the installation without including unwanted software.

If a confirmation window appears on the screen, confirm that you do not want to install anything.


FooDownloader is an application easy to use, despite a spacious, feature rich screen. Keep an eye on the icons and read the information from the side menu, however, should be enough to remove any doubt. The search system is efficient as well as download, positives and provide considerable value to this program.

If he does not sin during operation, it allows customized network usage, among other things, the installation of FooDownloader settings no longer receive the same assessment. By itself it is not complicated, but has a lot of extra programs that can easily confuse the minds of some people.

This takes some of the luster of FooDownloader, especially because just being the first contact you have with the tool. But this characteristic is perfectly beatable, including uninstalling any unwanted if it has gone unnoticed.

Overall, FooDownloader have a great proposal and honor all the history that preceded the branch of programs downloaded via P2P. The nostalgic will love.

Download FooDownloader

Download FooDownloader

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