Download iOrgSoft AVCHD Video Converter For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

iOrgSoft AVCHD Video Converter is a converter of very specific videos, working with graduates connected to AVCHD (stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition). These extensions are standard in video cameras, so having an application able to turn them may be essential to expand the use of such files.

This program has a simple structure and works much like a traditional converter. You must add the files and select the output format, and can start the process with just that. But there are options to make minor edits to videos such as cuts and joints.

Choose a file and your output format, and make adjustments as necessary, if you prefer, look at the file running directly by iOrgSoft AVCHD Video Converter. All this in one place and without major complications.

Direct conversion

The iOrgSoft AVCHD Video Converter supports the following file formats: MTS, M2TS, TP, TS, MXF, MOD, TOD, TRP, M2T and TAK. They can be processed for the following with this program: WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV, SWF, DV, MP4 and MOV, among others. You can also convert to specific types of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones videos.

Each file added to iOrgsoft AVCHD Video Converter can be some changes, such as clipping, merge with another video and also applying effects (including 3D), all to leave you with an even more unique look.


iOrgSoft AVCHD Video Converter offers simple and effective tools to who captures videos in standard formats camcorder, but want to leave them with more used and supported by most players currently used extensions.

The application is not complicated, it presents an organized and easy to be understood visually, as well as their tools are enough for you to need to do this kind of conversion. It may disappoint a little for being so specific, not having support for other video processing, but this is relev√°vel.

Also noteworthy is that this program is lightweight and also has features for editing videos, which can also break some branches when you are already moving on something. Finally, a competent application and while not totally free manages to stand out.

Download iOrgSoft AVCHD Video Converter

Download iOrgSoft AVCHD Video Converter