Download KiwiG Data Recovery Free For Mac OS X


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KiwiG Data Recovery Free is a solution designed to try to recover most types of digital content that may have been accidentally deleted from your computer.

During our routine on the PC, we are constantly downloading files, deleting programs, performing cleaning and looking for possible intruders malware. In some of these procedures, some documents or components essential to the functioning of a specific program or the OS itself can be deleted.

The KiwiG Data Recovery Free is an alternative for those who are desperate behind a content by mistake or fatality of an automatic machine process has been played out.

Researching different devices

The main tool KiwiG Data Recovery Free, as already mentioned, is the mechanism for recovery files – regardless of whether they were deleted directly or if the recycle bin has been emptied. Among the compatible media are documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.), music, photos, videos, executables and emails.

Another peculiarity of this application is that it is able to cover more than the disk of the computer main storage, which can also act on portable storage devices like USB sticks and external hard drives, digital cameras, music players, disks and memory cards.

No complications

And that’s not all. The Data Recovery Free KiwiG still has resources to restore formatted sections due to system errors, virus infiltration and implementation of software or accidentally deleted partitions failures. The best part is that you can perform any of these processes with only four steps.

All you need to do is choose the option requested content (files, partitions or formatting), choose the file to be popular formats, select the disk you want and run the scan. Popup windows in style are displayed to keep you updated with the current status of the procedure in progress.


KiwiG Data Recovery Free is a qualified tool for those who want to recover files, directories and even partitions deleted by mistake. The great advantage of this application is its ease of use and does not require you to have previous experience with this type of software to use it.

The interface has a modern and beautiful look with features that recall the look of Windows 8. However, it is not just her beauty that draws attention. The application framework is well organized, bringing together on a single screen all the features offered.

Allied to this, use the wizard, which guides you step by step in the recovery process of content guarantees that their interaction occurs in an uncomplicated and enjoyable way.

Another plus point of KiwiG Data Recovery Free is the relative low consumption of computer resources. In our tests, during peak usage of the program, it did not take more than 148 MB of RAM and did not actually consume 30% of the processor. That means you do not need a super-powerful machine to run it.

The system scans performed by the application proved to be very deep. On one hand this is good because it ensures that all files likely to be resettled are identified and listed.

However, this feature ends up making them quite lengthy scans, surpassing the estimated time of 2 hours. Therefore, you can not be in a hurry when trying to retrieve a document, music, image or executable “lost.”

Download KiwiG Data Recovery Free For Mac OS X

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