Download Creative WaveStudio For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Creative WaveStudio is an edict specialized in working with audio files in WAV and WMA formats. In this program, you can make numerous modifications to these types of files, add effects, cut sections, assemblies and even do audio capture.

The program can still work just as formats converter, transforming files without great difficulty. Everything is arranged in menus around the top of the screen, giving a visual Creative WaveStudio quite similar to the vast majority of all programs of the genre.

It is noteworthy that this is a free app and unrestricted, meaning you can use it in its entirety and without paying anything for it. Finally, the Creative WaveStudio can save files in RAW, WMA and WAV formats, all in a simple way without complicated processes and data export.

Record and edit

The Creative WaveStudio has direct system to capture audio, allowing you to make recordings with a microphone directly by the program. Then, the audio is loaded into it and can be edited with all the tools offered by this application, such as effects, clipping snippets and everything.

The program supports capturing audio with high fidelity, thus ensuring the quality of capura with 24 bit/96 kHz frequencies. Also, here is a varied number of tools for editing, then you can reverse the direction of a song, add effects fade in or fade out any part of the song and even normalize the audio.


Creative WaveStudio is easy to use and has a well-organized interface, it is not at all difficult to use everything it offers. The program also stands out for being lightweight and totally free, ensuring good features for editing audio without charging anything for it.

It is limited, working only with some audio formats, which does not make him the best choice for any kind of need for editing. However, if your idea is to capture audio with high fidelity, opt for Creative WaveStudio can be a great solution because it works with it efficiently.

The program interface is another point that does not disturb in use, after she follows a standard application of the genre. So, if you’ve used another audio editor, will be no big problem to adapt here.

Anyway, despite the limitations, Creative WaveStudio guard qualities that can be quite useful for specific times. But if you want a more conventional editor, you can opt for good free programs like  Audacity or Nero WaveEditor , which despite its name has support for numerous file formats.

Download Creative WaveStudio

Download Creative WaveStudio