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GIFicious is an app for users of Windows 8 (or higher) and has the habit of making simple GIFs from any image that is on the PC, with the possibility of you making small edits to photos and videos that will be used in the assembly.

In addition, you get some effects filters to let the pictures and videos used with an air more semiprofessional, and can capture photos and record video from a camera that is connected to the machine.

The tool brings no secret to be used, with simple menus to be understood and fully interface in Portuguese, facilitating their life on many occasions.

Getting Started

Start any assembly is very easy: open the application, choose the destination of the images and videos that you want to use through the four options on the main screen (“Select images”, “Choose a video”, “Take pictures” and “Capture a video “). After that, define which files you want to work and press the desired photos – can be one or more – through the “Open” option.

Soon after the interface advances to the screen “Preparation” in which you need to click with the right mouse button on the desired image and access the “Apply filters” for brightness adjustments, contrast, saturation, and to add effects like sepia and “vibrance” to selected figures.

Creating GIFs

After selecting photos and applying effects and adjustments you want, you can view the GIF created to continue the “Validate the pictures session” option. Finally, you can adjust the animation speed and size, too, where the options are: “Young”, “Mode”, “Great,” “Original” and “Custom”.


Review Of GIFicious

If you like GIFs and want to create their own animation type, the GIFicious app is a good way to start to venture in this regard. Through a very simple interface to be used and well organized – in Portuguese -, you can create files such as pictures and videos that are on your PC or you capture photos and record short videos with a simple camera set on your Windows 8 or higher.

The tool has few filters and effects for the treatment of the files, but they are functional and have a little help to make your assembly does not stay with amateur aspect. However, it is obvious that the GIFicious is not an editor for more advanced and professional jobs – far from it.

The plus point of the program is the possibility of regulating the speed of the animation created, as well as choose from five assembly sizes, “Young man,” “Mode”, “Great,” “Original” and “Custom”. With this, you can create GIFs from small (198px wide and 111px tall) to larger sizes through the “Custom”, you even chooses the size of the animation.


Easy to use
Adjust the size GIF created


A few filters and effects
Most settings are paid


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