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Ever thought of using your smartphone as a remote control for playing videos or slide show? For this is exactly what suggests the GOM Tray, the latest software published by developer GOM Labs.

It is a small utility that integrates with your operating system and allows your computer to exchange information with an Android or iOS phone, provided they are equipped with the free app christened GOM Remote .

With this tool last synchronized with your PC, you can use your mobile device to control Microsoft Office Powerpoint (ie, slideshows) or media players developed by GOM Labs (the famous Audio GOM and GOM Media Player ). Besides controlling the slideshow and forward / reverse playback of a file, you can also take screenshots of videos and even create playlists of your favorite songs remotely – all from their mobile phone.

Getting Started

To use the GOM Tray together with your Android or iOS smartphone, all you need to do is make sure that both devices (computer / notebook and mobile) are connected to the same WiFi network That said, install the GOM in Tray your Windows machine and make the basic settings required (select the network adapter and setting numeric PIN security).

Then, on your mobile gadget, open the GOM Remote (download it here for Android and here for iOS) and insert the key pairing informed by your PC (“Pairing Key”) software. Then, when prompted, enter the PIN security also previously configured. If both data are entered correctly, the programs must already be communicating with each other successfully.

Time Fun

From then on, just have fun with the resources of the GOM Remote for smartphones. You can specify which software you will control through the little icon in the upper left corner of the screen (GOM Media Player, GOM Audio or PowerPoint), open files (button “Open File”), activate or deactivate the software on your PC (” On / Off “), configure some aspects of the video being played (the” Advanced “) and even take screenshots of what is being presented and save them on your phone memory (” Capture “).

Remember that the GOM GOM Remote Tray and not run through proximity, but through WiFi connections is therefore no need to be near your computer to make the program work: just to stay within the area coverage of your wireless router so that resources work properly.


Although the GOM Remote is not the first remote control for media players that communicates with Windows machines, it can certainly be considered the best of them. Completely free, the app draws attention because of its beautiful interface and wide array of features.

The utility goes far beyond the simple “slide forward and back”, allowing you to control all aspects of the player running on your PC (you can even turn on and off subtitles in videos or change the image resolution, all for your smart phone ). The only problem is the fact that the interface does not have support for the Portuguese in Brazil, which may end up being a hindrance for those who know the English language.

Unlike other tools of the type, the set of GOM GOM Remote Tray and shows an amazing stability and showed no connection issues during our extensive testing. Thus, you need not worry about any failures of communication between your smartphone and PC during an important presentation, for example. If your hotspot is strong enough for this, you can use the remote from several feet away from the computer – something useful for lectures in large auditoriums and classrooms.

In short, it is worthwhile to have GOM Tray installed on your PC and GOM Remote configured on your smartphone. The application breaks a good branch in adverse situations and is especially useful if you have a habit of working with PowerPoint presentations: the end of those ineffective controls for projectors! And do not forget to also download the GOM Media Player and GOM Audio to use all the resources that the utility has to offer.

Download GOM Tray

Download GOM Tray

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