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Easy Subtitles Synchronizer is an application to synchronize subtitles files present in the SRT and SUB formats, the two most popular of the genre. In this application, you carry a caption and then see all the entries, with all data related to it arranged in an intuitive table.

This program allows the creation of several chapters of subtitle and the complete edition of all, despite not allow video playback for easier synchronization. Thus, ends up being more appropriate for small corrections and brief issues than for creating subtitles from scratch.

The application needs no installation and you simply extract the files present in the downloaded package. Then press a legend and begin editing freely, making use of intelligent tools Easy Subtitles Synchronizer.

Synchronization and historical infinite

The history of actions performed on Easy Subtitles Synchronizer is infinite, ie, no matter how many changes you have made, you can restore the original file just using the tool to undo an action. This button is on the application toolbar, along shortcuts to other functions of the application.

The open table on the screen whenever a subtitle is loaded meets the following fields: “Original Time” (original tempo subtitle), “Text” (text caption), “Edited Time” (published time), “Point Edition” ( point where it was edited) and “Chapter” (chapter in which she is).

The question of the chapters here is facilitated by an intelligent Easy Subtitles Synchronizer feature that identifies a new chapter where the interval between subtitles is very large. This contributes to the organization of the content and also for better application of it with a video.


Easy Subtitles Synchronizer is a very basic application for synchronizing subtitles, and more interesting to carry out minor repairs and issues in SRT and SUB than to create a subtitle files. That’s because it does not allow you to upload the video together, which hurts quite a synchronization accuracy.

Also, another feature that could quite make life easier for those who use Easy Subtitles Synchronizer is able to advance or retard all text entries at once. This would make it much simpler to sync the whole file, leaving the few moments in front of or behind what is currently.

However, despite these absences, the Easy Subtitles Synchronizer also stands out. Its main plus point is practicality: it is more suitable for simple actions such as correcting a wrong text or sync a few entries manually. This is all complemented by no need to install the program to take advantage of it.

The application interface is another plus point as it is clean, easy to interpret and should not confuse anyone who chooses to use Easy Subtitles Synchronizer. In sum, despite the limitations, this software can be ideal for those looking for something basic for editing subtitles.

Download Easy Subtitles Synchronizer

Download Easy Subtitles Synchronizer

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