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The QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner is a commercial program developed by QuuSoft, famous company that operates in the segment for software maintenance on Windows systems. As its name suggests, the primary function of the utility is to clear your PC by deleting temporary files that have no usefulness and only occupy undue space on the hard disk of the machine.

The trial version – ie testing – the application can be used for free for ten days. If you are willing to make a record in the database of QuuSoft, you can extend your trial period by one month (30 days), also winning customer support (free online service and 24 hour) and offers for other products developed by the company.

How to use

The operation of QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner is similar to other programs of the genre (such as CCleaner and TuneUp Utilities ). When opening the software for the first time, you will come across a list of your available storage devices for cleaning and also the catalog of file extensions that will be detected by the utility as expendable documents (. Tmp. Tds,. Old and . log, for example).

One of the key differentiators of QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner in relation to other tools of the same niche, by the way, is the fact that he considers documents Read Me (generally distributed. Txt files) as virtual trash, eliminating them immediately.

Once you have checked the hard drive that will undergo a housecleaning, just click on “Scan Now” button to start a scan. Subsequently, the software will display the found temporary files and give you three different options: delete them definitely throw them in the Windows Recycle Bin, or move them to a specific directory (which you have to enter manually typing the path in the field provided ).


There are dozens of programs that can wipe your hard drive and delete temporary files that are taking up space on your computer misuse. It’s a shame that the QuuSoft Junk File is far from the best of them. In our tests, the program was able to find only eight dispensable documents in HD, eliminating measly 591 KB of “virtual junk” in your scan. CCleaner opened soon after and, amazingly enough – this could clear just over 107 MB. That situation, no?

The problem is that the utility of QuuSoft is not able to detect temporary files originating from third-party programs (like browsers, office applications and derivatives). It only works with documents generated by the operating system itself, which are usually very light and hardly take up disk space. Viewing this way and comparing its performance with CCleaner, can be quite specific and say that the Junk File Cleaner is basically a useless program.

If nothing else this dismal performance in its technical aspects, the software also sins in its graphical user interface, which is somewhat “raw” and not visually pleasing. It is worth remembering that the QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner is not free – ie, its developers want you to pay to use an application completely bland. Run it and continue using CCleaner !

Download QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner

Download QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner

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