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Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer is a Windows application capable of replacing iTunes when sending files between your computer and a portable Apple device. It has basic facilities for such transfers and offers advanced options such as converting audio and video and create ringtones.

He organizes the content of the devices in groups, using the file type as a criterion to make the division. Free Apowersoft directly from iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer, you can view the files, opening the pictures or playing videos and music feature that helps to give more precision to the whole process of sending data.

Besides taking care of transfers, Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer also offers tools for personal information management as well as applications on Apple devices. The free version has some limitations, which are listed on the program’s home screen.

Exporting to all

The Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer is simple to use and just find the files you want (within the device) and use the options from the context menu, accessed with the right mouse button to send it to any place. You can work with several files simultaneously, which helps save time.

At one time, you can export all the music, photos, SMS or contacts list to your computer, iTunes or other devices. The program includes shortcuts to select all files at once and with a search system, another interesting to reduce the time spent in time to find a specific item feature.

Converter and other tools

In addition to managing content, Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer is able to convert audio and video files, and extract data from a disc (CD or DVD). This feature is an exclusive guide, called “Convert Video / Audio / Disc”, and runs a very simple way.

You need only specify the files to be converted, set a conversion profile (the application offers several of them) and ready. Clicking on “Settings” you can access a menu of advanced settings, where you select a number of quality-related audio and video settings.


Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer is an interesting and with great potential for those who have an iPod, iPad or iPhone app. It has simple and well organized interface, with nice visuals and without advertising banners, which facilitates its use broadly.

A variety of options here is a very interesting point, despite the limitations of the free version. For example, you can perform only 15 transfers audio and video, only 10 books or 10 images. This makes Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer somewhat helpful for those who are not willing to pay for it program.

Anyway, here are highlights how everything is organized and the possibilities of viewing content. Further, additional features such as file conversion also count points for Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer.

In short, he has a lot of useful features and great sorrow is on account of not being completely free. The fact of not having to Portuguese translation can also be a problem for many people, but nothing to impede the use of this application.

Download Apowersoft Free iPhone, iPad , iPod Transfer

Download Apowersoft Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Transfer

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