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Easy Music Composer Free is a program with which you can prepare small snippets of songs, which are limited to eight measures in its free version and 255 in shareware.

If you are having trouble writing their melodies, the software is able to automatically create them at great speed, just by defining some patterns and choose which the predominant note in each measure.

Once the Easy Music Composer Free is in English, the notes are presented in the form of letters, perhaps already known to those who train using guitar chords. So, do, re, mi, there sun, and makes itself are represented as C, D, E, F, G, A and B, respectively. The “#” symbol next to a note indicates that it is sharp, while the “m” classifies a minor chord.

Automatic Composition

To create a song randomly, just click on the notes to choose which will appear in each measure and then select “Compose” to compose it. Colorful letters at the top of the window are shortcuts for certain configurations available: red alter rhythm, bass, drums and arpeggio, blue switches the tone chord, melody, bass and arpeggio, while green serve to change the volume of all features of the program.

The icon next to the colorful letters serves to change over time and may increase or decrease the beat. In addition, there is also using “Input notes” to manually enter the notes, instead of leaving the Easy Music Composer Free compose yourself. And yet, there is the alternative of using a microphone to add voice to the melody. Finally, you can save the song as sheet music or MIDI file, allowing your editing in other software.


The interface of Easy Music Composer Free is confusing at first, since your options seem to be crowded – there is little space between them and the use of colors is barely tapped. However, simply use the program for some time to understand how the button layout (the learning curve should vary according to their familiarity with music theory) works.

Despite knowing where are the options, their use may not be the most practical: no keyboard shortcuts for you to access certain functions more easily. Something interesting from Easy Music Composer Free is the possibility to save and edit MIDI music in other programs may help circumvent the limitations of the free version. After all, just join multiple files consecutively not to get stuck at a mere eight bars.

The vast amount of available configurations makes the Easy Music Composer Free a very rich program, with great potential for creating interesting melodies. Another relevant factor is that the automatic creation of music can help you overcome crises of lack of creativity, for example: changing the rhythm created by the software to get a close to the desired result.

Download Easy Music Composer Free

Download Easy Music Composer Free

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